I Wanna Go To Burning Man

I Wanna Go To Burning Man


A Freak convention in the desert deserves dire attention

If an artist performs in the desert and no ones there to see it, is it performance class or just pure arse??

Spectacular spangtangled freakalicious performance extravaganza

Expect rivers of ganza and lycra, ribbon and lace, shimmering, sizzling, sequined booty in ya face.

The weird and the wonderful , malitia punks on a date, gorilla eco avant-guarde underground alternate realities meet under water fantasy day dreams in the desert.

Wacko’s trading smackos for a piece of pecan pie high in the never ending azure Arizona sky

DIY bring your own Pirate ship made of paddle pop sticks plunder and pillage plumage from an ostrich for your head attire shade your heaving bosom with a pretty pink umbrella.

Scream for your life those damn rascals attack, fight them off with a wooden spoon radio for help

Flirt with a mermaid on a wavy desert mirage, tempt her with a cool cocktail whilst floating on a pool giraffe

Ride away into a blood red desert sky on a shining turquoise sea horse travelling in disguise.

A melding of the minds that bend towards the crazy, than loop the loop fruity loop tingles and tickles cuckoo cuckoo

Never short on action this one

Polly want a cracker?

Attracts the crazies like honey to the bee

Should make for interesting copy.

We’re talking free standing, free wheeling 40 ft high art installations of various creation covering the whole spectrum of imagination beyond your wildest dreams. Construction of a fantasy land brought to life before your eyes, beamed to you via digital satellite

So you should send us to the US cause these people are sendin out an SOS for creative explosion in a regimented state. An expression of individuality in times of worsening gentrification.

It’s more than just a vacation.

It’s a journey of discovery. Documenting the colours of the humanoid celebrating the spirit of the creative innovative. Let ya freak flag fly!