Hyperspatial Chrysalis> by Ronny Simulacrum

The sea of collective consciousness ebbs and flows with the fractal harmonic of billions of fused minds. This universal abyss is what is referred to as Nirvana  in the human philosophy. Every so often an anomaly occurs within this great sea and a part of its enigmatic spirit is released, the first of which is known as Buddha. These incandescent droplets descend to Terra Mater, sacred, cold and without knowing.

This is the story of their reawakening.

Reawakening is a process of many lives in the flesh; two steps forward can sometimes means ten steps back. The pilgrim’s path is long and full of dead ends, contradictions and riddles. But over time headway can be made.

Between Nirvana and being there is another multi-dimensional space, Hyperspatial Chrysalis, filled with mystics, wanderers and the resonant energy of those that came before. On rare occasions the Earth soul strays into this space, often with the help of earthly sacraments or the guidance of deep meditation.

Hyperspatial Chrysalis is a space of healing, purification and the re-alignment of the stardust that is man. It is the glossolalia experienced within this space, chanted by the universal elders and trans-dimensional seekers, that catalyses a temporary state of awakening in the Earth soul, where a revelation of the universal symbols takes place. It is a remembrance that will be lost over time but will bring about rebirth and a renewed drive in the Earth spirit to return to the state of awakening.

If the spirit of the pilgrim is strong and persistent then slowly, and over many lifetimes, it will be subconsciously attracted towards a true state of being, often guided by the latent gifts gained in Hyperspatial Chrysalis.

When the time is right, the incandescent droplet transcends, and is reintegrated back into the universal abyss. This is the cycle of awakening.