HyperModern Warfare

VIRTUAL WAR GAMES The use of depleted uranium in military training exercises on Australian soil.. QLD and WA.. AMERICA"S ARMY Log on to the US Army website and you can download a computer game caled America's Army, a 3D animated first person wargame in the legacy of Doom and endless other sources.. The US Army is reportedly using this as a way to find talented new tacticians, tapping into the computer game skill base a la The Last Starfighter.. DRONE WARFARE New 'Drone' Technologies are being used in Iraq via remote control aircraft operated from America, but armed with missiles and machine guns. \ The MILITARY CHANNEL Public Relations meets Psy-Ops (Psycholopical Operations) in the US Militaries latest move to connect itself closer to the media environment. The US Military has teamed up with television to create The Military Channel. It's what General Tommmy Franks of the US Mil calls the Fourth Front, blurring the lines of the fourth estate which the military has been crossing over for many years through its process of embedded journalism and so on. Control Room - example of an independent media organisation from the middle east Al Jazeera being shut out in the Iraq War invasion due to its tenacity to defy US MIlitary commands about exactly what it should and shouldn't show. "Information is part of the battlefield in a way that it's never been before," one senior Bush administration official told the L.A. Times. "We'd be foolish not to try to use it to our advantage." SUPER SOLDIER EXOSUITS Look - out on the battlefield... It's a drone! It's a bomber! It's an US Super-Soldier faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a SUV! The bleeding edge of wearable human-technology interfaces is well funded and in development for the American soldier to better face his duties as superman to the world. The US Future Combat System Program has two computer networked, nano-armoured uniforms in development over the next decade that include built in weapons, head-to-toe protection and internal power sources that promise to enhance human performance into superhuman realms. The first Future Force Warrior System suit is due for completion by 2010. Weighing just 22 kg, the body armour will be able to absorb the impact of a bullet more effectively than current bulletproof vests. The wired suits will have an on-board computer at the base of the back to allow full networking and data-sharing between soldiers and local and wide-area networks, including vehicles and aircraft. A heads-up micro-display will drop from the helmet allowing the equivalent of a 17-inch computer screen for displaying data to be overlaid on the soldiers vision, allowing him to continue the good fight with cyberspatial data overlays. The entire computer system will be activated by voice, registering vibrations of the cranial cavity and doing away with the need for a microphone. Soldiers' physiology, including skin temperature, heart rate, water levels and other data will be measured and available to the shared network for monitoring performance in battle. The second Future Force Warrior System suit is due for completion by 2020 and promises to integrate nano-technology advances into its design. "Nano-muscle fibres" will be inserted to simulate the action of muscles, giving soldiers 25 - 35% enhanced 'super-strength'. A robotic-powered system connected directly to the wearer could replicate the lower body, giving the soldier up to 300% greater lifting and load-carriage abilities. The ultimate step is envisaged as mounting a weapon directly onto the uniform system to make the solider-suit a 'walking gun platform', Superman and the Terminator, all rolled into one. TALON ROBOTS STAR WARS/ MISSILE DEFENCE Military Industrial Complexities SOUND WEAPONS/ ENERGY WEAPONS At certain frequencies and volumes sound incapacitate an individual or a group by creating a sense of queesiness, headache or loss of control over the body.. TASER WEAPONS MICROWAVE WEAPONS