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Anti-authoritiarian, insightful, controversial, conscious and beautiful, HUNGRY BEAST is by far the best thing on Australian television. Streets ahead of any other yoof oriented programming, this group of clever kids are single handedly carving out a new form of cultural creativity on the box.

Hard to compare it to anything else around because the truth is, there isn't anything else like it on television. Think John Safran meets The Chaser in a Monty Python Flying Circus reality TV show and maybe we're getting close.

Blurring the lines between culture jamming, current affairs, documentary, satire and framed in slick motion graphics by the wunderkind Patrick Clair - HUNGRY BEAST is pioneering some kind of new gonzo TV that everyone should see and support.

If there was more of this kind of thing on our televisions, then maybe we might actually watch them again.

Find out more about the show and check out old episodes here: