Hey Newstart, thanks for the good times

Centrelink photo: Rak Razam / shazaman@netspace.net.au

by Callum Scott c.scott4@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au

itʼs not a great main street in fact itʼs awful KFC, Mackers, Safeway, Banks, Smoko Shops, Bakerʼs Delight, Pokie Pubs the usual array of muck. somebody called me a faggot yesterday as I walked down the main street. nobody seemed to mind not even me with my bag slung over my shoulder and a bottle of red in my step. teenagers they were a carload of them in faultless leisure wear fresh from the Centrelink fields of ambition. putting your form in is a full-time job these days ask my mate Johnno weʼre never finished filling in forms queuing for hours and pleading our case. I thought about getting a job on the main street, maybe in KFC you never know but Iʼd have to walk down the main street every day and breathe in pre-oxidised $2 gifts. I wouldnʼt like that, neither would my mate Johnno we like being on the Sausage ducking and diving, dodging and weaving bit of this, bit of that, bit of the other going to the main street once a fortnight to do our business. if Centrelink had a bar we might come down more often but thatʼs just a pipe dream I have when Iʼm walking down the main street of Werribee.