Half A Lamington by Spoonbill


jim aka spoonbill

"on her birthday she ate a vegemite sandwich, a piece of pavlova, and half a lamington..."

When the DJ played Spoonbill's Gumtree at last years Earthdance Festival in Darwin, the manic glitchy reworking of the classic Australian folk song had the whole crowd laughing hysterically as they danced underneath the shade of a huge banyan tree. For me, it was a perfect Australian outdoor dance party moment, down to earth, anarchic, psychedelic, playful, and great to dance to.

From Spoonbill's second album Nestegg, we're proud to feature 'Half A Lamington' an urgently quirky, and damn funky piece of beat magic. Developing Spoon's trademark crazed cut'n'paste genius, this track manages to fuse an insistent groove, funk guitar, jazz flute, drum solos and many more ingredients which are thrown into the avian blender and scrambled for your listening pleasure. A nice concoction indeed, and a good taste of the unique world of sound explored on the rest of the album.

"and with a final crash.. the music jerks to an end... "


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