Gypsy Throttle by Barons of Tang

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The Barons Of Tang are a bunch of gypsy deathcore pirates looting the high seas of Melbourne's sweet underbelly. You'll likely find them beneath bridges burning violins and causing jelly wrestling mayhem.

Don't look for them though, they'll find you and force you to slamdance to sea shantys before you know it.

And don't trust them, they stole my accordian and my wife, and I could hear them dancing all the way down the street with both.

After recently returning from sleepless nights of cheap booze and philosophical brawls with capitalist pigs at Adelaides Fringe Festival, The Barons of Tang have just release their new self titled EP which can be procured through their gigs if you know where to go looking.


Here's a hint;

Barons of Tang website