Guerilla Gardening Goes Mainstream


We never thought we'd be promoting a program on commercial television here on Undergrowth, but then again, we never thought theyd produce a show that was so renegade. We'll, it is 2009, and there is an African American in the White House, and in case you needed more proof that the shift is in the process, then look no further. Guerilla Gardeners on Channel 10 is an entire series devoted to the illegal and clandestine culture jamming of a group of urban activists changing the world one empty lot at the time. More than that, it's pretty much a step by step guide to DIY urban renewal, complete with secret HQ meetings in an undisclosed warehouse location and how to's on sweet talking the local official so they don't bust you.  Actually, it might just be the most anarchist television program ever produced in Australia, up there with other maverick luminaries of the little screen John Safran or The Chaser, mixed with a bit of permaculture, and a spice of squat philosophy...

So check it out, and support the radical beautificatin of the urban spaces, with or without counci support, this revolution is being televised on the Guerilla Gardeners website which has free episode downloads here.

Also, check out the original website, where links to global guerilla grannys transforming their own urban spaces, the book that has made it an international buzzword and more at



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