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The Turks will probably not have too much involvement in any world war but they could be dragged into a wider war with the Kurds if things are completely destabilised in the region. Part of Kurdistan has been within the borders of Turkey since the modern nation state was formed at the end of World War 1. The Kurds here have waged a long war of secession against the Turkish army. In the past two months they have again inflicted a series of devastating terrorist bombing attacks against targets in Turkish towns.

Since the US invasion of Baghdad the Kurds in Iraqi controlled Kurdistan are now enjoying a period of some of the most autonomous rule they have known. The Turks accuse these Kurds of sending supplies and money to their Turkish contingent fuelling the rebellion. These Iraqi Kurds will for the most part stay quiet in the face of a bombing of Iran as their brethren in Iranian controlled Kurdistan have fought against the Iranian government numerous times. They will see themselves sharing a common enemy there with the US. However in the confusion, if the coalition forces are overrun and Iraq is disintegrating, the Turks may seize on the opportunity to invade the northern part of Iraq and engage the Kurdish units that they have long been spoiling for a fight with.

There is also a chance that should NATO be dragged further into a much larger war that Turkey would then be involved in some of this conflict as they are a NATO member state.

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