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Jordan is another country that like Egypt could see its populace explode in rage should a greater Middle East war be started. Jordan is a Monarchy that is currently being ruled by King Abdullah Hussein. He is a moderate that has long worked for peace in the region. And he is an ally of the US in the "War On Terror". Jordan is also the other Arab nation that has a peace treaty with Israel that was signed back in 1994.

However many of the people of Jordan do not agree with this. There have been numerous terrorist attacks over the past two years within Jordan by militant groups from both local areas and next door in Iraq. They have been launched against western targets in an attempt to drive a wedge between King Hussein, the Jordanians in general and their allies.

Since the invasion of Iraq there have been a number of mass protests against the King for his support of the west and some of them have ended in violent clashes between the people and the police force. It seems that since the war in Lebanon, King Hussein has in fact been distancing himself from the west. This is of course due to pressures within the country but he also seems to genuinely be a man of peace and moderation. Thus he is dismayed at the extremism of the neo-cons both in Israel and the US.

With Syria and Iraq in flames Jordan would have a serious internal strife on its hands. Should the wider war be engaged many would call for Jordan to put aside its peace treaty and join on the side of the other Arab nations in a war with Israel. If the King refuses then there will likely be Coup attempts against the monarch and wide spread rioting in an attempt to depose him. If he is overthrown then the Jordanian army will very likely come to Syria's aid and attack Israel. If he holds onto power then the country could be torn apart by civil war.

Map of Jordan