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Egypt will be a country that will undergo intense upheaval in the event of a greater Middle East war. Currently the Egyptian government continues to offer support to the west and is an ally in the "War On Terror". The Egyptians were the first Arab nation to sign a peace deal with Israel after the Camp David accords were brokered by then President Carter in the US in 1979. As such it has not been involved in open warfare for a number of years with Israel.

The concern of some analysts now though is that the people of the country have been getting more and more angry by what they see as the aggression against the Arabs in the region. Civil unrest has been getting worse as people demand that the government take stronger action against the west and Israel in particular. During the Lebanon crisis there were numerous mass protests calling for action to be taken. Some of which ended in violent confrontation between the protestors and Egyptian police. But so far the government is standing by all its treaties and is maintaining its ties to the west.

Egyptians however, have older cultural ties to Syria. And if the Syrians are once more involved in open warfare with the Israelis it could see the streets of Egypt boiling in anger against their government if it does not take part. Coup attempts or rioting of the population may occur in an attempt to bring down the government and replace it with one that is willing to once more engage the Israelis in open warfare. And there is a chance that any conflict to the south in Sudan may also affect Egypt. If the people overthrow the government it will likely be replaced with a more conservative Islamic one. This could then see the Egyptian army once more invading Israel. If the government is able to hold onto power then a civil war could break out within the country.

Map of Egypt