Future Home

EARTHPODS from www.hfoesch.com/pod.html "Living Architecture" and "Self-perpetuation" are the core concepts underlying the development of the Earth Pod... The idea of home as a vessel for life. By optimizing the timeless principles of solar benefit, natural ventilation, and permaculture; combined with the utilization of indigenous materials, craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art environmental control systems; a new architectural archtype is being created. Beyond being merely stylistically organic, it is literally organic, it is literally alive! ICOSA SHELTERS Refugee and temperary emergency housing COCOONING INSPERIENCES From 'Trendwatching.com' Sure, you know about 'cocooning' (the need to retreat from the harsh realities of life, which was big in 80s and 90s), and you may have studied 'Home Haven' and 'Hiving' concepts; you may even have visited one of those 'Homes of the Future', with talking fridges and annoying robots doing their Jetsons spiel. Fact is, consumers' homes are and will forever be their castles, cocoons, most prized possessions, which means spotting domestic trends before others do could net you serious bucks, euros, pounds and yens. So here's what TRENDWATCHING.COM suspects to be the next big thing in the world of domestic bliss: INSPERIENCES. Basically, in a consumer society and outside world dominated by experiences, preferably branded, designed, themed and curated to the nines, the INSPERIENCES trend represents consumers' desire to invite brands offering experiences exclusive to the (semi) public domain, to set up shop within their own domestic domain. Needless to say, before they're allowed to pass through the front door, some of these experiences need to be stripped from the dangers, annoyances, and unwanted interactions with strangers that normally come attached. Think installing Crunch-operated home gyms in that spare room, tapping near-perfect beers on a Heineken BeerTender in one's Entertainment Room, or decking out the master bedroom with Westin's Heavenly Beds, pillows and linen. --- Two months ago, we pointed out that our LIFE CACHING trend represented a next step for the Experience Economy concept: how consumers actually can and will capture the avalanche of today's experiences instead of just undergoing them. INSPERIENCES in that sense also represent a new step, this one being about mirroring (semi) public experiences within the confinements of one's house or apartment. So, whether you are focused on providing customers with goods and services they consume at home, or whether you're an expert in experiences for the outside world, you can't go wrong with creating branded, high quality INSPERIENCES for ever more spoilt and demanding consumers. INSPERIENCES will most likely evolve into a true Battle for the Home, physically and virtually, in which only the best of the best from the worlds of entertainment and experiences will do. Consumers will want to 'import' any interesting experience they have in the (semi) public space, at times feeling they're moving around in a giant catalogue. Think W and Westin Hotels on a much grander scale. The opportunities, not just for the key INSPERIENCES, but also for add-ons like safety and security, servicing, and maintenance, are endless. From nurses, guards, chefs, and fitness trainers to entertainers, expert cleaners, and food and beverage suppliers. NETWORKED HOMES QUANTUM SLEEPER For the paranoid homeowner with money to burn the Quantum Sleeper 'provides a high-level security system designed for maximum protection in various hostile enviornments". Essentially the sleeper is a bed which also converts into a bunker to protect the owner from bio-terrorist attacks, natural disaster and violent intruders into their home. With options for entertainment and communications within the shelter such as DVD, CD, microwave and refrigeration, the Quantum Sleeper is advertised as "the ultimate in protection, entertainment and communications - ALL ROLLED INTO ONE." OTAKUS - Translates to "Your Home", Otaku's are specifically japanese shut-ins addicted to virtual reality computer games, who do not leave their homes, sometimes not even their rooms if they are still living at home with their parents which many young non-married Japanese men are.