Undergrowth presents FLYING MACHINES > Matt Kelly & The Keepers, Editor, EarthManStar @ Hope St, Friday 3rd April


  Undergrowth presents FLYING MACHINES - a night of live music, short films and performances to fundraise for the Matt Kelly video clip 'Off The Ground'.

 The night will begin at 8pm with a series of short films, experimental works and documentaries by Tim Parish aka Verb Studios, followed by live music from Matt Kelly and the Keepers, slam poetry ensemble EarthManStar and cranking live dubstep from Editor late into the night.

The Off The Ground videoclip, which will be shot over April has been developed by Tim Parish, Art Director of Undergrowth.org. A preview storyboard of the concept of the film, a slow gothic meditation on the nature of invention, free energy and soundwaves is available for download below. 

 "The video will be a kind of metaphysical steampunk, with elements of mad scientists and alternative technologies." Parish explains "I'm interested in the crossover between the brilliant scientist toiling away in his backyard shed to create a new invention and the artist or musician toiling away to create their latest artpiece. Also, for the video we plan to incorporate a series of scenes that connect with new alternative energy technologies that people are creating in their backyards, like the hydrogen fuel cell. I'm also interested in the work of the infamous Nicola Tesla, and his ideas about free energy, pulling it out of the ambient electricity in the atmosphere... That concept has always seemed very beautiful and mystical to me."

Short films and other videos from Verb Studios will be screened earlier on in the night from 8pm and later accompanying the live music with vJing by Verb and Nestora, known for his luscious visuals at the Bohemian Masquerade Ball and The Seed Factory.

Refreshments available.

$5 on the door.




Off The Ground storyboard.pdf6.88 MB