Wombats Gunna Work It Out > by Moses Iten

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weld valley concert Wombats Gunna Work It Out By Moses Iten TAS, VIC | 14.02.2006 “I’m on a quest to find a way,” raps Elf Tranzporter - rapper, activist, and part of the hip hop crew Combat Wombat.


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The ACTiVIST DESIGN GALLERY is a new section of Undergrowth.org devoted to the creativity in design used by political campaigns in the form of posters, stickers, stencils, advertisments and even billboards in the process of social change around us. We believe these ephemeral pieces of pop art are actually important cultural artefacts which show the ongoing dialogues of the larger culture in transition that is the dynamic of activist culture. It is the ephemeral skin of the shifting sands of the city. The conversation of the street and the home and the hand to hand transmission of ideas... To contribute your favourite activist design piece, contact: art@undergrowth.org


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1984 Comic Synopsis



1984 is the story of Winston Smith. Winston works in the records department in the ministry of truth rewriting history for the Ingsoc Inner party and its figurehead: Big Brother. Winston wrestles with the notion that he, along with all outer party members, are being lied to and manipulated. In an effort to get a handle on reality, he sets his thoughts on paper, and therefore commits the worst of crimes: Thoughtcrime!

World of Tomorrow > by Susan Butcher & Carol Wood

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by Susan Butcher & Carol Wood poxgirls@alphalink.com.au
World of Tomorrow1

FIDDLING AS THE EARTH BURNS > by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherds

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A Commentary and Rant by Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd 

Every day we are assaulted by politicians and some media attacking us for being alarmists and accusing us of exaggerating the threats facing the environment and especially our concerns for biodiversity diminishment and human population growth. According to these voices of denial, the world is in great shape and there is no need to worry about global warming, climate change, species extinction, pollution, or anything else. Apparently the only thing that matters in the view of these critics is that the stock market is active and the business of exploiting the world's resources not be interfered with. They call us doom and gloom Cassandra's although they obviously know little about the famed prophetess of Troy because if they did, they would know that although she did indeed predict doom and gloom for Troy, she was right and the destruction of Troy could have been prevented if her father King Priam or her brothers Hector and Paris had only bothered to listen to her. After more than three solid decades of being a front line activist for wildlife and habitat conservation, I have come to the conclusion that pretty much all of these critics have no idea about what they are talking about. They have no grounding in the reality of the natural world and spend most of their time distracted by mystical fantasies and the selfish pursuit of material pleasures.

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The Strawberry Project

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the strawberry project installation

AWB sponsors Undergrowth.org

wheat ad Undergrowth.Org is pleased to announce it's sponsorship by Australian Wheat Board, who's ongoing kickbacks will allow us to maintain the quality art, culture and politics that you have come to expect. Please take the time to have a look at our sponsors new AWB advertisment created by getup.org and authorised by the Australian Governmentt, Canberra.


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Fish Don't Smoke Below The Net - The Earth: The Study of Ecological Value - from Pieces to Bits. words by john pace... art by paul kalemba Insert==== Play---- Fast forward>>>> Under the tutelage of neoliberalism's 'sustainable development' venture, with its manifest eco-capital enterprises like ecotourism, and its proposed carbon credit scheme, ecological value is being refigured and refined as a unit of global informational capital

Voices of the Forest

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Voices of the Forest
This is a space for an ongoing blog by GECO activists involved in saving old growth forests in East Gippsland, Victoria...

Friday 10/03/06 The forest is angry and I don't blame her, the spirits are walking and they don't like what they see. In one of the most magical places that you can imagine - it shook me the first time I came here - there is terrible destruction going on. Some of the last old growth mixed-species rainforest is seriously under threat. Rodwells and Jamieson Bros. are two of the largest logging contractors in East Gippsland at the moment and they are doubling, even tripling crews to get in and log Centre Rd, and Survey Rd which are situated approx. 800 metres above sea level, and it is the top of our local water catchment here in Goongerah. There are prescription changes coming in June, which will most-likely protect the areas that they are logging at the moment, which is why they're rushing to clearfell them now.

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THE BLACK GST > video documentary

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Black GST gif The Black GST

This short documentary about contemporary and historical indigenous issues is narrated by two of the leaders of the Black GST movement, Robbie and Marg Thorpe. It explores the three main issues of unfinished business leftover from Australia's reconciliation movement.

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