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Teeth of the Rice Plant (Taring Padi)

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Indonesian streetscape An overview of Indonesian art collective Taring Padi, who have been mixing art and politics in their street posters, painting, and illustration since 1998.

Words by Heidi Arbuckle

Art by Taring Padi collective. When Taring Padi first formed in December 1998, the collective could have been mistaken for the cultural wing of the defunct Indonesian Communist Party. At the time, Taring Padi went by the title Institute of People-Oriented Culture, and released a cultural manifesto that outlined a platform it dubbed `The Five Cultural Evils': a rap on anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, anti-militarism, anti-feudalism and anti-elitism. Taring Padi was planned along the lines of a mock politburo and numerous other bureaus that tackled matters of pedagogy, dissemination, agitation, propaganda, ethical conduct, and housekeeping. They even appointed a Taring Padi `President', who was divested of any real power, and thus performed as a plesetan or parody of the long-standing Indonesian President Suharto who by popular demand had finally relinquished grip of his thirty-two year military reign in May 1998.


WATER > by Blue King Brown

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Water gif The new music video to the song Water by Melbourne based roots musicans Blue King Brown. The video includes archival footage and images of the 1982 Commonwealth Games protests for Aboriginal rights in Brisbane courtesy of Madeline Mcgrady, Penny Tweedie and long time activist Gary Foley.


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The Permaculture Flower Adam Grubb from Energy Bulletin interviews David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture, on the future of agriculture, oil peak and how an energy descent culture might look.

The First Time I Fetched Water > by Michael Li

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front page" /> "The First Time I Collected Water" was the winner of the OZComics 24 Hour Comic Challenge, 2005 in which artists were given the chalenge to script and illustrate an entire comic in 24 hours based upon the given theme.

Breakfast @ Yums > by Rak Razam

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image by Paul Kalemba I. Dawn broke over Port Phillip Bay, illuminating the permanent cloudbank that covered the horizon. The outside temperature was 40 degrees and rising. A vast, organic blanket of sensor arrays and nano-assemblers covered the surface of the waves, collecting the kinetic energy of tidal movement and channelling it back into the city grid for free electricity. A number of robot powered gondoliers were already on the waters and paddling down Harbour Esplanade, the waters mirroring the shimmering blue-white surfaces of the zaibatsu skyscrapers as they sucked in ambient carbon dioxide and breathed out oxygen. Across the Docklands, clusters of bio-organic buildings all opened their sensor dishes and drank in the day.

Permaculture One was a zaibatsu on the corner of Saint Mangos and Caravel Lanes, smack dab in the sunken 21st century waterworld that was New Quay, with it's antediluvian archipelagos echoing back to the Age of Mass Consumption. On the twenty-fifth floor Vaka woke early as usual from her regulation eight hour sleep-coding shift and shook loose the last fading lines of data from her head.

Milky Chewy Bars> by SonicBoy and James Riches

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Milky Chewy Bars Words: SonicBoy Title Painting: Dominic Allen Illustrations: James Riches   [03]_simulacrum_Page_057.jpg

Camp Sovereignty Blog

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A new blog has been set up for regular updates to Camp Sovereignty in Melboure's King's Domain. Check it out at http://campsovereignty.wordpress.com/ Map of Gondwana
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Ferals Run Amok at the Herald Sun> by Verb

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The following is a letter which I wrote to the Herald Sun Editors recently in response to a ridiculously inflamatory article written by their arch-conservative Andrew Bolt about Camp Sovereignty. Not suprisingly (from the wordcount) the letter was not published, but I thought it worth reprinting here. Bolt's views highlight the fear and angry resentment typified by the old guard of white Australian conservativism who deny the progressive ideas of the younger generation and the multi-cultural shifts in consciousness which have been taking place for the last 50 years or so. Interestingly, Bolt's book "Still Not Sorry" bears our PM's words on the front cover praising Bolt who "writes a lot of sense". That is perhaps the most telling part of this entire discussion.
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Soulclipse > by Graham St. John

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Photo by deadreamer

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I recall reading on the refreshingly irreverent psyreviews.com about an unconfirmed report that the former Portuguese colony of Goa was considering renaming itself `Progressive'. It's an intriguing quip, reflecting current anxieties over the rampant marketing of counter-cultural communitas and the formulaic standardisation of a sound (distributed as `Goa Trance') that now more accurately evokes a Fruitopia commercial, than the new spiritual experiments around Anjuna village way back in the day - such that the experience in Goa might now effectively approximate, well, a Fruitopia commercial, or a kind of `freak Club Med', as Erik Davis would have it.

Cast All Your Votes For Dancing

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