Undergrowth presents ENTHEO:GENESIS @ The Australian Centre for the Moving Image - 15th April 2009

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Undergrowth & The Journeybook  presents the Melbourne Premiere  of “Entheogenesis: Awakening the Divine Within” film screening and discussion at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Wednesday the 15th April, 2009. The screening will include a discussion of issues relating to topics covered, with speakers in conjunction from the Undergrowth collective followed by an afterparty at Loop Bar from 10pm till late.

In conjunction with the launch of Undergrowth's eighth publication The Journeybook: Travels on the Frontiers of consciousness, we are proud to host Entheo:Genesis produced by Critical Mass Productions, a mind expanding documentary exploring the study of 'Entheogens' that 'awaken the divine within'. Through interviews with leading thinkers, academics, philosophers and scientists the documentary describes an emergent culture of spiritual consciousness, shamanism and planetary consciousness.

Pre-book tickets ($15/12 conc.) here.

Tickets are also available through the ACMI Box Office for  phone (03
8663 2583) and in-person sales.  Standard box office hours are 10.00am until 6.00pm daily.

About The Film:
Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is a feature length documentary which invites the viewer to rediscover an enchanted cosmos in the modern world by awakening to the divine within.

The film examines the re-emergence of archaic techniques of ecstacy in the modern world by weaving a synthesis of ecological and evolutionary awareness,electronic dance culture, and the current pharmacological re-evaluation of entheogenic compounds. Within a narrative framework that imagines consciousness itself to be evolving, Entheogen documents the emergence of techno-shamanism in the post-modern world that frames the following questions: How can a renewal of ancient initiatory rites of passage alleviate our ecological crisis? What do trance dancing and festivals celebrating unbridled artistic expression speak to in our collective psyche? How do we re-invent ourselves in a disenchanted world from which God has long ago withdrawn? Entheogen invites the viewer to consider that the answers to these questions lie within the consciousness of each and every human being, and are accessible if only we give ourselves permission to awaken to the divine within. See the films website here.

Featuring interviews with Stanislav Grof, Marilyn Schlitz, Ralph Metzner, Alex Grey, Terrence McKenna, John Markoff, Daniel Pinchbeck, and Kat Harrison among others, the film postulates how the disenchantment of the modern world may be remedied by summoning the courage to take the next leap in the evolution of planetary consciousness.

  Entheo:Genesis Movie Trailer


JOURNEYBOOK signing @ Polyester Books 6pm Tuesday the 14th of April

Entheo:genesis is being screened in conjunction with the launch of Undergrowth’s eighth anthology of art and writing The Journeybook: Travels on the Frontiers of Consciousness The Journeybook is a collection of tales of altered states, essays, history and manifesto for psychedelic culture in the 21st century. It covers the modern usage of sacramental plants and offers insights into traditional and contemporary shamanism, as well as analysis of the history and current state of global psychedelic culture and its place in a sustainable future.

As part of the launch of Journeybook, Undergrowth will be holding launch at book Polyester Books, Brunswick st, 6pm Tuesday the 14th of April with readings from writers from the book including editor/writer Rak Razam and art Director Tim Parish.



Presented in association with Entheogenesis Australis - http://www.entheo.net

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