DOUBLESPEAK ALERT: Carbon Dioxide is GOOD for you!

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Carbon Dioxide is Life! The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a leading US right wing think tank who promotes Free Trade, Climate Change Skepticism and is funnily enough sponsored to the tune of many millions by Exxon Mobil. What a surprise! Currently the Competitive Enterprise Insitute is spearheading a new 'environmental awareness' campaign throughout America. The focus of the campaign? "Some people call Carbon Dioxide a pollutant. We call it LIFE." Check out these brilliant examples of 21st century doublespeak here: - truly the best propoganda oil money can buy. In fact, I can already imagine it being exhibited in art museums of the future in the Propoganda Classics section. Interestingly, just underneath the 60 second ads they have produced claiming there is nothing wrong with CO2 emissions, another ad targeted at Al Gore accuses him of creating a huge carbon footprint while flying around America promoting the issues of climate change. While Gore might be guilty of a little hypocrisy, the Competitive Enterprise Institute can't seem to decide what they believe. Importantly, this is all coming to a head now due to the release of 'An Inconvenient Truth' a new feature documentary by Participant Productions which follows Al Gore as he tries to spread the word of climate change to the American public. This is the ongoing frontline in the Climate Change Debate. A war of words, junk science, oil money and political propoganda. The battleground is your hearts and minds, kids. Dodge the CO2 bullets.