Corporation Planet

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In the week gone by, the Dow Jones plunged more than 400 points. Obama vowed to rescue economy. McCain supported the Bush administration push to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Cover-up of health effects from cosmetics. The House approved $700 billion bailout for Wall Street. America's secret dealings between Shell and the Iraq Oil Ministry was disclosed. A US-India nuclear deal was passed. The FBI opened probe into financial troubles of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG. The global food crisis worsens.

"This is the first time in the history of the United States that the president has sought to provoke a financial panic to get legislation through Congress. While this has proven to be a successful political strategy, it marks yet another low point in American politics. It was incredibly irresponsible for President Bush to tell the American people on national television that the country could be facing another Great Depression. By contrast, when we actually were in the Great Depression, President Roosevelt said that, 'we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.'" - Dean Baker, The Center for Economic and Policy Research

Looking back, Americans were undergoing a crash course on the corporate state and one can only hope that there’s a learning process going on somewhere in the machine but for now there seems to be no backup to the shattered delusions illuminated by the Wall Street meltdown on the 30th September. American stocks had already haemorrhaged a trillion dollar loss but I didn’t feel sorry for those Wall Street lads who’ve had it so easy for so long. Even Obama, supposedly more ‘in tune’ than Mcain, successfully appealed to voters to support $700 Billion to bail out of Wall Street. It was either that, or no more easy credit and loans, he said. Loans? Easy credit? Elsewhere in the world, ‘loans’ and ‘credit facilities’ are not the inalienable right of every citizen. We all know that a large percentage of global citizens haven’t even got basic access to pharmaceuticals, running water, regular food, clothing or shelter. A private toilet? Man, now that’s luxury!.

So why is this consensual hallucination of credit card spending, loans for cars and luxury goods being sold to us? Why shouldn’t there be hell to pay, and why doesn’t anyone ever talk about something simple, like saving? America has bankrupted its citizens but it's promising them another spending frenzy, if they just keep sending their unemployed sons and daughters to the Federal war machine.

Meantime, it’s getting more difficult to survive financially for Johnny Sixpack’s America, and this is really ground zero, where increasingly desperate citizens turn to crime and the underworld, or just feed off each other, like in the so-called ‘Third World Countries’.

Somalia. Pretend, if you can, that you live in the town of Eyl, or maybe further South at Hobyo. If you live in this kind of neighbourhood you don’t give a toss about the stock market because your income depends on Somali pirates who provide income for this region as self appointed ‘warlords’. They commit violent acts of piracy against passing ships for the ‘people’.

One of the pirates, a dodger by the name of ‘Ali’, told some newspaper on his satellite phone; "We are sticking to the demand for 20 million dollars. This is not ransom, but a fine for unlawfully transporting weapons on Somali waters,".

I don’t think they care about Lehman Brothers or Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc, and maybe the pirates are right, at least about that, because there are no 'brothers' on Wall Street, just legalised egos using people as shop fronts. The pirates say that there have been acts of international eco-terrorism in Somali waters. According to ‘their’ propaganda, ships have been found dumping cargoes of radioactive waste in the area. Of course this is only a nasty rumour spread by terrorists so let’s cut back to Wall Street, where the annual bonus of any CEO would go a long way in defeating poverty in this part of the world.

Aside; I watched the History channel with distaste as they glorified the new American Super Aircraft carrier, the ‘George W. Bush’. A huge chunk of labour and natural resources dedicated to ensure our ‘security’ from radical fundamentalist terrorism, and so forth. But then why is everything getting worse?

Obviously, piracy is more prevalent than we’d thought. It’s as if some people have pre-agreed to an idiotic consensual delusion which spreads like a virus, a thought pattern, a meme, replicating itself so fast that before you can speak someone confirms the thought to you. And that’s what it is, a positive attitude versus a negative one.

“You pessimists can’t build a better world” - Terence Mckenna -

And you, dear reader, are you an optimist or a pessimist? In the containment area, aka your mind, adaptationist processes, or reactions to stimuli, can be broken and a new branch somehow inserted that’ll open another level. If we can take this first step in our collective imaginations, an evolutionary step to reach past the boundaries of our pre-programmed, knee-jerk reactions, if we can call a stop to starvation and over-population, maybe the fundamentalists would have a smaller audience and rampant militarism would not be necessary. But let’s get it right in our imaginations first and then maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance.

Schwann Cybershaman