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The Undergrowth editors believe that no-one can own knowledge; re-appropriation of culural products is a way forward, and an idea shared is an idea expanded. As such we promise not to sue you for "stealing" anything we write, which we reckon is, as such, impossible.

Unfortunately, we refuse to jump through the transnational legal hoops to ensure that all of our contributors' content is licensed on terms compatible with those ideas.

Copyright to some material on this site is maintained on various terms by its creators; please contact an artist through the contact form on their user page or the Undergrowth editorial collective to ensure that you aren't violating anyone's rights before attempting to reuse material on this site.

Furthermore, to ensure this creative flexibility, Undergrowth employs the Creative Commons ShareAlike License program so that our work may be used in the global collective commons, and our writers and artists may maximise their exposure through unlimited non-commercial reprints.

* Material accepted for publication in Undergrowth may be reprinted non-commercially anywhere you like. On a personal ethical basis, you should also attempt to contact the author personally for permission, or just to let them know they are being quoted - if for nothing else, it is good for their self esteem. However, the following information below must be displayed somewhere on the reprinted article:

Originally published in Undergrowth Magazine, DATE.

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