Undergrowth online publishes on a rolling schedule so submissions are always accepted for its Features section. Selected content that fits set themes may then be reprinted in Undergrowth Magazine, which is both hosted online and available as a limited print edition at selected outlets across Australia. Please download previous issues to familiarise yourself with where we're coming from and to ensure you don't duplicate previously submitted issues.

Undergrowth Magazine publishes fresh analytical perspectives of Counter-Cultural thought, including but not limited to alternative art, culture, consciousness, magick, psychedelics, economics, history, social movements, political commentary, independent media, sustainable communities, new paradigm thought and radical solutions. We also publish short fiction (500 - 3000 words), poetry, art and comic strips that fits these themes, especially with a 21st century spin that integrates the idea of sustainability and futurism. We aim to come out quarterly but as a small independent publishing house publishing dates are necessarily fluid.

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