"Opinion" by Reg Mombassa

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"Opinion" by Reg Mombassa'Opinion' by Reg Mombassa

GETTING WASTED > anti-nuclear waste dump comic

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Getting Wasted comic - page 1 Getting Wasted comic - page 2 Getting Wasted comic - page 3

The First Time I Fetched Water > by Michael Li

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front page" /> "The First Time I Collected Water" was the winner of the OZComics 24 Hour Comic Challenge, 2005 in which artists were given the chalenge to script and illustrate an entire comic in 24 hours based upon the given theme.

Milky Chewy Bars> by SonicBoy and James Riches

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Milky Chewy Bars Words: SonicBoy Title Painting: Dominic Allen Illustrations: James Riches   [03]_simulacrum_Page_057.jpg


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1984 Comic Synopsis



1984 is the story of Winston Smith. Winston works in the records department in the ministry of truth rewriting history for the Ingsoc Inner party and its figurehead: Big Brother. Winston wrestles with the notion that he, along with all outer party members, are being lied to and manipulated. In an effort to get a handle on reality, he sets his thoughts on paper, and therefore commits the worst of crimes: Thoughtcrime!



The pulsing power of the page brought to the screen! Sequential artforms from the Underground... Look kids of all ages - Comics!

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Illustration: Michael Fikaris

World of Tomorrow > by Susan Butcher & Carol Wood

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by Susan Butcher & Carol Wood
World of Tomorrow1

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