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Maybe it's time to let you all in on a secret. Or let me put it differently, it's a bleep from the deep.

Those of you who hated the slow pace of "What the bleep" and "The Secret", but liked the idea of a movie that require you to think, might be interested to know that Headspace Studios, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is about to unleash "Cognition Factor".

Featuring more than 20 of the most important minds of our age, the movie is about a cyberpunk's search for enlightenment, during which the viewer is taken through a narrated virtual world in search of answers to the " Big Five" questions relating to the human experience.

The movie is just a few minutes over an hour long, and thus qualifies as a 'full-length' feature for Cannes. and will be ready for shipping to France in approx one week. We will be represented at Cannes by Chris Roland of Zen-HQ Productions.

For you technocratz, we're coming to you in HDV with 5.1 surround and happily someone has won the HDV format war, so for the moment we're looking good for eventual release to Blu-Ray and beyond.

But I think the cast of the movie is where the heart of everything is, so I'll stop here and credit those whose opinions feature. You can get more info, and teasers, on

CF Facebook

The interviewees are:

Terence Mckenna (philosopher/explorer)
Prof. Dennis Mckenna (Ethnobotanist)
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Biologist - morphic resonance)
Prof. Ralph Abraham (Chaos Theorist/Mathematician)
Dr. Ralph Metzner (Psychology/psychotherapy)
Dr. Stan Krippner (Philosophy/parapsychology)
Prof. David Peat (Phycisist)
Alex Grey (Artist)
John Shirley (Author/Philosopher)
Roberto Venosa (Artist)
Martina Hofmann (Artist)
David Jay Brown (Author/rearcher)
Barry Lategan (Photographer)
Prof. Tony Fairall (Astronomer)
Prof. Rebecca Ackerman (Bio-archaeologist/anthropologist)
Prof. Karin Essler (Ecologist)
Dr. Myke Scott (Botanist)
Charmaine Joseph Gwaza (Sangoma)
Dr. Libby Hubbard (Dr. Future education)
Prof. Guy Midgely (Ecologist)
Chris Roland (Film Maker)
Armando (Ayahuascero)
Brummbaer (3D Artist)
Dr. Barak Morgan (Neuroscience)

Nuff said?

Schwann Cybershaman

(Producer: Cognition Factor)

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