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Sunday, March 16, 2008
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O moderators of media, O makers-of-cults, O compressors of nostalgia, O renderers of neural text, O transferers of holographic memory,

This blog serves to notify you that Cognition Factor has escaped the confines of my hard drive and studio and is now on its way to the Cannes Film Festival to be judged.

5 years in the making, and with some of the source foootage more than 10 years old, this is not a moment too soon because it was 15 years ago that I started believing that usenet and email had bound humanity together in some inexplicable way; all of us, from the solitary surfers of fractal reality, to the Monster Truck Dystopians believing in everlasting cheap oil, and life as it was.

It was at that time that I envisioned/created/activated a meme called ’webtrance’, never realising that I would later see it as an audio-visual construct. Much later.

The last five years has been a combat zone. The front line. But suddenly, it's finished. The gruelling 18 hour days, the seemingly endless preparations and explanations have all come down to the awesome simplicity of the movie explaining itself to me in the middle of the night.

The house is quiet, everyone is asleep, and I’ve just realised that Cognition Factor is just 'webtrance’ by another name. How cool is that?

Cognition Factor seeks to illustrates that we can not prevent change, but we can stop accepting what is wrong, and it may also send a clear message to smart people that they are not alone in understanding that without mental stimulation, western media and art is doomed to boredom.

Meantime, back in the future, any good meme knows that things are always changing, even in the past, so here’s what it looked like to me, 15 years ago, before I owned a movie camera.

Discussions on the Webtrance Memetic Effect : Usenet July 1995

:alt.webtrance Charter:

"the basic concept of the Webtrance meme involves netizens from all over the world simultaneously focusing into a mass computer generated trance; thus participating in humanity’s digital reincarnation. If critical mass is reached, maybe our entire species will be bumped up in brain potential through a change in our morphogenetic field, and then it won't matter if you’re logged on or not.

To me, it feels like this has already begun."

- Schwann Cybershaman -
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