United Nations (UN)

Should a generalised global war break out following the attack on Iran it seems likely that this will be the death knell of the United Nations as we know it. The outbreak of World War 2 saw the collapse of the then League Of Nations. In some way the UN has not been able to recover from the shocks of the US going against its wishes and attacking Iraq. Its authority is being increasingly undermined and some of the more powerful nations have been abusing their privilege of veto on the Security Council. And the neo-cons abuse of this institution has reached a new level of farce. They have even gone as far as appointing as their new UN ambassador a man who quite clearly states his wish to see the UN abolished.

So this institution that was set up to act as a failsafe to prevent global conflicts seems to be limping towards its own demise. Now a South Korean has been elected as the new Secretary General this just compounds the problems. He will not be viewed as being impartial by some of the groups who are involved in the build up to world war. So it seems unlikely that the UN will serve as an effective counter to the disaster that is building. Even if World War Three does not break out just the bombing of Iran itself could further undermine the UN in the eyes of the world. Should this organisation collapse completely one can only hope that a much more egalitarian organisation will rise from its ashes. And lets hope it will not literally be ashes it’s rising from. As the UN itself was forced to from the ashes of humanity left at the end of World War 2.