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FIDDLING AS THE EARTH BURNS > by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherds

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A Commentary and Rant by Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd 

Every day we are assaulted by politicians and some media attacking us for being alarmists and accusing us of exaggerating the threats facing the environment and especially our concerns for biodiversity diminishment and human population growth. According to these voices of denial, the world is in great shape and there is no need to worry about global warming, climate change, species extinction, pollution, or anything else. Apparently the only thing that matters in the view of these critics is that the stock market is active and the business of exploiting the world's resources not be interfered with. They call us doom and gloom Cassandra's although they obviously know little about the famed prophetess of Troy because if they did, they would know that although she did indeed predict doom and gloom for Troy, she was right and the destruction of Troy could have been prevented if her father King Priam or her brothers Hector and Paris had only bothered to listen to her. After more than three solid decades of being a front line activist for wildlife and habitat conservation, I have come to the conclusion that pretty much all of these critics have no idea about what they are talking about. They have no grounding in the reality of the natural world and spend most of their time distracted by mystical fantasies and the selfish pursuit of material pleasures.

REBIRTH - The Psychedelic Movement Comes of Age > eBooklet

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LSD problem child or wonder drug?
A fully illustrated, downloadable PDF booklet reprinting the Undergrowth feature article, "REBIRTH: The Psychedelic Movement Comes of Age" by Rak Razam (13,000 words). To read online click here.

Groovyland > by MC Duende

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photograph by Ben Mastwyk

by MC DUENDE duende_23 alquimista_24@hotmail.com Her story "Like almost every other family, we were trying to escape the ravages of war. For others the war was just an excuse to do that which they wanted to do a long time ago. But it took us all by surprise nonetheless. The unthinkable had happened. After all, our colony was founded by hippies who themselves were trying to escape Earth's bitter conflicts. They wanted a place where peace could blossom and where they could live a simple natural life- or at least as natural as it gets in a colony that is barely the size of two football fields and is thousand of miles away from Earth.


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Alternative Visions image So anyway, apparently the global environmental scenario isn't so good. Apparently we've done some damage to the planet. Apparently this could have repercussions for all life on earth. Even us humans. Apparently. I know this because the Pentagon knows this. According to a report released in 2003 the reality of climate change may be in fact far more catastrophic than many people have been prepared to speculate.

Ah, white man, have you any sacred sites?

White Man Totem photo: Rak Razam / shazaman@netspace.net.au

by Denis Kevans 63 Valley Rd, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

Ah, white man, I am searching for the sites, sacred to you, Where you walk, in silent worship, and you whisper poems too, Where you tread, like me, in wonder, and your eyes are filled with tears, And you see the tracks you’ve travelled down your fifty thousand years.


Street Talk photo: Tim Parish / art@undergrowth.org

by Cassie Tongue velvetandlace@gmail.com

point-click type here, press the ʻenterʼ key so loudly i can barely hear the voices screaming into mobile phones (no one cares that dinnerʼs at seven sharp and that heʼs late again, that cad) and i just want to scream

Hey Newstart, thanks for the good times

Centrelink photo: Rak Razam / shazaman@netspace.net.au

by Callum Scott c.scott4@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au

itʼs not a great main street in fact itʼs awful KFC, Mackers, Safeway, Banks, Smoko Shops, Bakerʼs Delight, Pokie Pubs the usual array of muck. somebody called me a faggot yesterday as I walked down the main street.

City of Angels


by Olivia Mei Lai Swan meilai@wildmail.com

she slips onto the train as it slips out of the station sits down by the door where she can’t see her reflection in the window opposite “next station siam square” a woman, flared jeans and rampant hair plugged into walkman littering the air



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