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Brotherhood of Scum Vs. The Rest

Greetings Sentients.

My ongoing brief is to probe and examine the unfolding edges of technologically based consciousness and report back.

Words come easily, thinking is more difficult and nothing is impossible while spin doctors grow in number, masquerading as pseudo-scientists and psychologists. But they're the inpatients, improperly programmed by earlier, inferior generations of humanity, or by the increasingly Draconian 'powers-that-be'.

Now the spin doctors appear splendidly varied, yet they're all the same, because, whether they're trying to fragment real issues, like the evolution of non-Darwinian behaviour, or just hitting you up with the latest on Lindsay Lohan it doesn't matter. What matters is that they know that cultural transformation on a grand scale is ahoy, which could make it possible for a truly democratic rethink on the fundamental priorities of human affairs on this planet. Of course lot's of corporations, who own the spin doctors, don't like this idea, which is obvious to just about everyone else, except them.
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