Black GST Stencil

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Black GST StencilIt'd be great to see the issues of the Black GST (Genocide, Sovereignty and Treay) discussed on the streets! Graffiti is an ancient communication tool and I reckon this "Coat of Arms" represents a powerful story of the recognition of sovereignty for Indigenous people in Australia. It also recognises that Australia's current situation of prosperity is largely due to stolen wealth, land, wages, children and symbolism of Aboriginal people. This image comes from a story that Robbie Thorpe tells in which lightning destroys the Commonwealth of Australia's Coat of Arms and replaces it with the sacred fire which the Emu and Kangaroo then warm themselves by. Also the Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is liberated, Australia's national flower which has been used as a symbol of patriotism through Australia's official colours the "green & gold".