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 AYA: Awakenings is a narrative documentary into the world and visions of ayahuasca shamanism, adapted from the cult book 'Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey' by Rak Razam. By blending narration directly from the book with video footage, interviews with practicing curanderos, samples of traditional icaros or magic songs, photographs and cutting edge special effects, Aya: Awakenings reproduces the inner landscape of the visionary state in unprecedented detail, invoking a spiritual awakening in the viewer.

Featuring the artwork of Pablo Amaringo, Andy Debrenardi and more; directed by Tim Parish, video production by Verb Studios, soundscapes by DJ Buttons Touching and music by Tipper, Darpan, Lula Cruz and curanderos Norma Panduro, Guillermo Aravelo, Percy Garcia Lozano, Ron Wheelock and Kevin Furnas, this documentary charts the Global Shamanic Resurgence born in the jungles of Peru and reaching out to embrace the world.



Film Screening Tour Dates

Weds 30 Jan        Melbourne State Library Village Roadshow Theatre       Tickets

Thur 31 Jan         Melbourne State Library Village Roadshow Theatre       Tickets

 Sat 2 Feb           Adelaide Mercury Cinema                                           Tickets

Tues 5 Feb          Freemantle - Fly By Night Musicians Club                     Tickets

Thurs 7 Feb         Sydney Paddington RSL Auditorium                            Tickets

Weds 27 Feb       Brisbane Tribal Theatre                                              Tickets




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