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I Awoke > by Elf Tranzporter

4:37 minutes (5.29 MB)

Elf Tranzporter, elder of the Australian hip hop scene has dropped his long awaited debut album on the mindscape of the wide brown land raising the level of consciousness where some just might raise the volume. This album journeys far into the depths of the metaphysical lyrical zeitgeist that is Elf's tongue, branching from the political to spiritual warrior, it is at once an urgent broadcast to the issues of our day and at the same time elevating to a cosmic communique.

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Gypsy Throttle by Barons of Tang

3:44 minutes (4.28 MB)


The Barons Of Tang are a bunch of gypsy deathcore pirates looting the high seas of Melbourne's sweet underbelly. You'll likely find them beneath bridges burning violins and causing jelly wrestling mayhem.

Don't look for them though, they'll find you and force you to slamdance to sea shantys before you know it.

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Soldier, nuke that voice!

2:03 minutes (1.88 MB)

No comfort to ease the pace of it's passing, undimmed before the breaking of the world, it will linger on in the legendary kill-file hidden beneath the TCP/IP stack under the pentagon. Of course, we all cut and paste ourselves, for we are the transplants of civilisation, the cross-pollinators of memetic positivity, the destroyers of evil myth and un-believers in lies, transhumanic fad creators, photons of half life in the blue beam of fractal reality.

When Kingdoms Cant Defend by Pataphysics

2:48 minutes (3.21 MB)

Pataphysics Christmas Album cover Melbourne/Sri Lankan artist Pataphysics third 'Christmas album' kicks off with this chill, organ laid beats and trumpet spiked track "When Kingdoms Can't Defend". Pat's smooth flowin conscious rhymes, punctuated by sharp political stabs mark his signature style throughout the album.

Half A Lamington by Spoonbill

4:47 minutes (5.48 MB)


jim aka spoonbill

"on her birthday she ate a vegemite sandwich, a piece of pavlova, and half a lamington..."

When the DJ played Spoonbill's Gumtree at last years Earthdance Festival in Darwin, the manic glitchy reworking of the classic Australian folk song had the whole crowd laughing hysterically as they danced underneath the shade of a huge banyan tree. For me, it was a perfect Australian outdoor dance party moment, down to earth, anarchic, psychedelic, playful, and great to dance to.

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Four Three by All India Radio

4:02 minutes (5.95 MB)

All India Radio travels with you through the airwaves enveloping you in a warm jet stream that swirls and sweeps you off into the astral realm. Ethereal digital soundscapes with immaculate production are set with organic, post –rockesque texturing and instrumentation: the soundtrack to your dreams.
Drawing comparisons and influences from bands like Boards of Canada, Calexico, and Sigur Ros and having played with the likes of Labradford, Pan American, Stereolab, David Bridie, Laura, Because of Ghosts and This Is Your Captain Speaking, All India Radio are getting national and international recognition.

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gdo4r BOBAN by Gyp$y Dub Orche$tra

7:12 minutes (6.6 MB)

Era Beach by Trevor Brown

Gyp$y Dub Orche$tra (a.k.a Trevor Brown and cohorts) is an electro- acoustic fantasia, melding gypsy, dub and electronica with analogue and digital sounds that are woven into a magic carpet that takes you on a wild and undulating trip through the aether. Trevor Brown is a composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist who has had a wide ranging career in the arts, working with bands such as Waiting For Guinesss, Ju Ju Space Jazz, MetaBass n Breath, Morganics, (and many others ), composing for film and theatre to critical acclaim, working with Symphony Orchestras in Australia and the UK, International Dance Troupes, Performance Poets, Post-Industrialist Street Theatre, designing instruments and systems for electro-acoustic manipulation, directing festivals and running workshops in disadvantaged communities.

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E Minor Sea by The Foreign Birds

6:01 minutes (6.89 MB)

Foreign Birds sound can be found in the space between sleep and consciousness. Interwoven melodies created by diverse instrumentation guide the listener into a semi-dream state. The live shows combine immersive sounds with the ambient images of video artist Ben Mastwyk, providing a feast for the senses. The self-funded debut album, A Life Like This, will be released with a DVD.
A percentage of profits from the LP (released on the band’s own label, Earth Bound Sound) will be donated to the protection of old growth forests.

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Without Grace by Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra

4:12 minutes (5.98 MB)


Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra

Funk, junk, circus, rock with everything from punk to gypsy in between, Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra create an infectious sound of old-world grooves. Coupled with head-high Tackle-lyrics delivered in an uncompromising Australian pirate-roar, this collection of anachronistic political themes and the little things in life have drawn an ever increasing cult following hooked on the addictive music and the unpredictable nature of their stage shows.

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Miles by The Pryor Theory

4:43 minutes (4.82 MB)

The Pryor Theory was conceived by the combined forces of Kit Katana (samplers and vocals) and Al Martino (drums and percussion). In true Melboune style the pair met through a handwritten 'wanted' ad, and at Cafe Zappa, forged the musical relationship that is The Pryor Theory. Combining hiphop, triphop and downbeat electronica production sensibilities with mellow vocals, samplers and gadgets with live instruments, The Pryor Theory will be appearing at a club, venue or park near you soon.

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