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BOOM is a video of self transforming elf machines dancing to the beats of HEYOKA, Californian dubstep maestro, from the album "Marklar". Video by Andrei (Heyoka) and Victor Olenev.

For more music by Heyoka, check out:

Bouncing Stones > Spoonbill video by Dropbear

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Dropbear's quirky VJ mashup for Bouncing Stones by Spoonbill, one of the standout tracks on the from 2008's Gourmet Scavenger compilation released by Omelette Records.

RAP NEWS Episode 2 > Obama Bombs Moon, wins Nobel Peace Prize > with Hugo 1

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The second episode of Rap News covers the fallout from the now infamous NASA Moon Bomb on October 9th, the very same day on which the Nobel Committee awarded US President Barack Obama the 2009 'War is Peace' Prize. Is it justified? Is it premature or plain immature? And what will the Moon say?! Was this a prize for peace-making or for making war look like peace, something Bush was not able to do? And why do we even care what these Norwegian guys do. All this, and more, in this latest report with Robert Foster on ~JuiceMedia's Rap News.

FEATHER LEATHER > Spoonbill > video by Dropbear

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Traverse The Sky > by The Spheres

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Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (pt 2) from Undergrowth Motion Pixels


A beautiful, evocative music video for the atmospheric energy of The Spheres' wall of sound. The textured world of the video creates a vision of birds on powerlines that resemble notes on a musical stave, and a powerful visual experience that is a staple of the bands live audiovisual sets around Melbourne.

Music by The Spheres
Video by Susan Gamble

The War > by Animators At Large

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The War from Undergrowth Motion Pixels on Vimeo.

 A biting anti-war animation directed by Dan Hartney and produced by Animators At Large. Although the smiley face leader might look like a typical white bureaucrat in glasses, Australian's will instantly recognise him as John Howard, the former Prime Minister who led the nation to join the US in the recent Iraq War. Created directly after the invasion the video is a direct response to that conflict, but also succeeds in universalizing the message to all wars.

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