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Phone Drones by Dub Ninja

3:32 minutes (4.1 MB)Dub Ninja Dub Ninja a.k.a. Dan Sommariva-Rojo (drummer from fresh local acts Agency Dub Collective and Organic Intelekt) has unleashed his production skills in a prolific partnership with an 808 and other noise tweaking devices to create expansive electro-dub sonic landscapes.
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Mark's Knee by Isnod

2:01 minutes (2.43 MB)Isnod Tag Take the last century of music, put it into a blender and serve under some moody lighting, with chilli and cocktail umbrellas. Out pours ISNOD, a moody, molasses-smooth mélange of many a genre - the soundtrack of the fall of the current roman empire. Expect small moments of beauty and chaos through sound and digital windows of various resolution.
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Universal Inna by Organic Intelekt

4:20 minutes (4.93 MB)Brainstems Organic Intelekt formed in 2004 after late night free-style sessions of 3 oclock Bogey and Rojo D over home-made sampled beats. Tracks came together from these sessions and the pair soon enlisted a bassist, pianist and DJ for some live gigs in Nth. Melbourne. Though now a well rehearsed live band, the format was always intended to replicate the sound of spacious loops in sample based music, as opposed to a busy funk-hiphop crossover.

Give It Up by Cinco Locos

5:15 minutes (5.36 MB)Cinco Locos Cinco Locos is a randomly occuring entity from the tropical verandahs of Darwin with the five crazies; Byron Williams (AKA Toe-Fu from the Herd) on vocals and guitar, Phil Eaton on Bass, Ingrid Smith on Saxophone, Jodie Kell on Trumpet and Justin Moon doing beats and samples.
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Metropolis Mission by Culture Connect

4:27 minutes (6.11 MB)

culture connect cd cover

"Metropolis Mission" is a feature track from Culture Connect's new self titled album.

Culture Connect are a seven-piece live hip-hop outfit originally hailing from Darwin, with half the crew now calling Bris-Vegas home. Featuring four MCs and a band made up of bass, guitar, drums, and samples via MPC and keyboard, the crew bring a dynamic live show that is renowned to get the crowd amped up and dancing while still delivering food for thought.

Whats Going On by Joelistics and Ptera Stylus

3:44 minutes (2.92 MB)Whats Going On "What's Going On?" from the Frequency Feedback compilation of Australian political hip hop. Featuring vocals by Joelistics from TZU Beats by Ptera Stylus
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