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Cloaked Guerilla by Pataphysics

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3:52 minutes (5.31 MB)

'Cloaked Guerilla' by Melbourne's hip hop consciousness assassin Pataphysics is a preview track from his upcoming full length album due out later this year.

The track explores the politics of resistance by Aboriginal Australia, delivered with Pataphysics brooding intellect. A call to arms for an indigenous uprising or a warning to mainstream Australia that history needs to be rethought - this track is part of the greater development of consciousness about this bitter history and the ghosts which still haunt our land. 

Bunkerfunk by Spoonbill

5:21 minutes (6.12 MB)


Bunkerfunk is our feature track from Artist of the Month Spoonbill. From his newly released third album Zoomorphic, the track is a finely sculpted taste of Spoonbill's airtight production with it's belly of a whale bass line crunching its way through the  stilted soul vocals that speak volumes without uttering a single intelligible word and gentle stab of synth, almost makes you want to wrap yourself up in the folds of it's lyricless glitch aesthetics.

"Dance, Omega!" > by Hugo 1

4:30 minutes (5.16 MB)

Omega is the symbol of resistance in electronics, so it seems a fitting symbol for the electric age we live in. From evolutionary science to rhyming the zeitgeist, Hugo 1  has been spinning freestyles around Melbourne since arriving from the UK in 2007. At any concert you might hear his spitfire philosophies on anything from schrodinger's cat to deconstructions of conspiracy theory or calls to spiritual liberation. 

Dance, Omega! is  title track of his latest EP release now available.

"Ego Eats Your Soul" by Matt Kelly & Buttons Touching

3:27 minutes (3.95 MB)


"Ego Eats Your Soul" is one of a series of pieces created by singer Matt Kelly and producer Lulu Madill of  Button Touching. Matt Kelly has become well known in Melbourne while playing with his band The Keepers, but in this piece he has experimented more with sparse arrangements with  hypnotic repetition of the vocals which move from mantra to chant to dark ballad, creating a somber meditation on the nature of ego lost in the human mind. Buttons Touching's gorgeous arrangements underscore the song creating a haunting and memorable collaboration between the two artists reminiscent of Thom Yorke's best creations.

Voices From The Ghetto > by Izzy Brown

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A short film by Izzy Brown of Australian hip hop group Combat Wombat documenting a musical journey to Kenya in 2007 to explore the hip hop and politics of the country. Featuring Kenyan hip hop artists Sinpare and insights into the lives of ordinary young Kenyans.

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'Dogs of Rotterdam' by Barons of Tang

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The Dogs of Rotterdam from tim parish on Vimeo.

 8mm scratch videoclip for the song 'Dogs of Rotterdam' by Melbourne gypsy deathcore band The Barons of Tang. Shot at the Northcote Social Club. Produced and Edited by Tim Parish, Verb Studios.

For more information on The Barons of Tang:

To find more videos and art by Tim Parish

From Little Things Big Things Grow > video by

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The GetUp Mob perform From Big Things Little Things Grow featuring Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody, Missy Higgins, Urthboy, Ozzi Batla, John Butler and more.

I Awoke > by Elf Tranzporter

4:37 minutes (5.29 MB)

Elf Tranzporter, elder of the Australian hip hop scene has dropped his long awaited debut album on the mindscape of the wide brown land raising the level of consciousness where some just might raise the volume. This album journeys far into the depths of the metaphysical lyrical zeitgeist that is Elf's tongue, branching from the political to spiritual warrior, it is at once an urgent broadcast to the issues of our day and at the same time elevating to a cosmic communique.

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Gypsy Throttle by Barons of Tang

3:44 minutes (4.28 MB)


The Barons Of Tang are a bunch of gypsy deathcore pirates looting the high seas of Melbourne's sweet underbelly. You'll likely find them beneath bridges burning violins and causing jelly wrestling mayhem.

Don't look for them though, they'll find you and force you to slamdance to sea shantys before you know it.

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