audio by year '2009'

Bunkerfunk by Spoonbill

5:21 minutes (6.12 MB)


Bunkerfunk is our feature track from Artist of the Month Spoonbill. From his newly released third album Zoomorphic, the track is a finely sculpted taste of Spoonbill's airtight production with it's belly of a whale bass line crunching its way through the  stilted soul vocals that speak volumes without uttering a single intelligible word and gentle stab of synth, almost makes you want to wrap yourself up in the folds of it's lyricless glitch aesthetics.

Cloaked Guerilla by Pataphysics

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3:52 minutes (5.31 MB)

'Cloaked Guerilla' by Melbourne's hip hop consciousness assassin Pataphysics is a preview track from his upcoming full length album due out later this year.

The track explores the politics of resistance by Aboriginal Australia, delivered with Pataphysics brooding intellect. A call to arms for an indigenous uprising or a warning to mainstream Australia that history needs to be rethought - this track is part of the greater development of consciousness about this bitter history and the ghosts which still haunt our land.