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When Kingdoms Cant Defend by Pataphysics

2:48 minutes (3.21 MB)

Pataphysics Christmas Album cover Melbourne/Sri Lankan artist Pataphysics third 'Christmas album' kicks off with this chill, organ laid beats and trumpet spiked track "When Kingdoms Can't Defend". Pat's smooth flowin conscious rhymes, punctuated by sharp political stabs mark his signature style throughout the album.

I Awoke > by Elf Tranzporter

4:37 minutes (5.29 MB)

Elf Tranzporter, elder of the Australian hip hop scene has dropped his long awaited debut album on the mindscape of the wide brown land raising the level of consciousness where some just might raise the volume. This album journeys far into the depths of the metaphysical lyrical zeitgeist that is Elf's tongue, branching from the political to spiritual warrior, it is at once an urgent broadcast to the issues of our day and at the same time elevating to a cosmic communique.

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Morphogenetic Rap

0:56 minutes (1.08 MB)Sometimes it feels like morphogenesis has already begun, leaving behind the hopeless thrashing of worn idealogies by agents of corrupt humanity. In this dark age of technology, the 21st century still promises a future of changing social priorities, a future where humanity has the time and intent to seek that which powers the inner universe. The very nature of hope rests on our continued search for a network between our inner and outer world. In a future where scientists can record an entire personality, keeping a safe recent backup may assume life-threatening proportions.