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Sneaker by Spoonbill

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jimmy at work

With an infectious double bass groove, layered with glitch beats and rhodes, Sneaker is one of the many stand out tracks from Spoonbill's MEGAFAUNA album, released in 2005.

 Sneaker features Bryson Mulholland on the rhodes and James Maguire on the double bass.

Half A Lamington by Spoonbill

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jim aka spoonbill

"on her birthday she ate a vegemite sandwich, a piece of pavlova, and half a lamington..."

When the DJ played Spoonbill's Gumtree at last years Earthdance Festival in Darwin, the manic glitchy reworking of the classic Australian folk song had the whole crowd laughing hysterically as they danced underneath the shade of a huge banyan tree. For me, it was a perfect Australian outdoor dance party moment, down to earth, anarchic, psychedelic, playful, and great to dance to.

Bunkerfunk by Spoonbill

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Bunkerfunk is our feature track from Artist of the Month Spoonbill. From his newly released third album Zoomorphic, the track is a finely sculpted taste of Spoonbill's airtight production with it's belly of a whale bass line crunching its way through the  stilted soul vocals that speak volumes without uttering a single intelligible word and gentle stab of synth, almost makes you want to wrap yourself up in the folds of it's lyricless glitch aesthetics.


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After a period of traversing the galaxy and capturing new tones from outer space SPOONBILL has returned with a new set of aerodynamic tunes entitled ‘AIRBORNE’. Designed to challenge gravity on dance floors across the globe, this 5 track EP kicks straight into warp speed with heavy weighted crunchy grooves that erupt from the speakers. Combining burly bass and beats with growling synths, twisted sound design and spliced samples, this dense sonic spectrum fuses together to form a megacraft to haul you to a new world of sound.