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Soldier, nuke that voice!

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No comfort to ease the pace of it's passing, undimmed before the breaking of the world, it will linger on in the legendary kill-file hidden beneath the TCP/IP stack under the pentagon. Of course, we all cut and paste ourselves, for we are the transplants of civilisation, the cross-pollinators of memetic positivity, the destroyers of evil myth and un-believers in lies, transhumanic fad creators, photons of half life in the blue beam of fractal reality.

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Morphogenetic Rap

0:56 minutes (1.08 MB)Sometimes it feels like morphogenesis has already begun, leaving behind the hopeless thrashing of worn idealogies by agents of corrupt humanity. In this dark age of technology, the 21st century still promises a future of changing social priorities, a future where humanity has the time and intent to seek that which powers the inner universe. The very nature of hope rests on our continued search for a network between our inner and outer world. In a future where scientists can record an entire personality, keeping a safe recent backup may assume life-threatening proportions.