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When Kingdoms Cant Defend by Pataphysics

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Pataphysics Christmas Album cover Melbourne/Sri Lankan artist Pataphysics third 'Christmas album' kicks off with this chill, organ laid beats and trumpet spiked track "When Kingdoms Can't Defend". Pat's smooth flowin conscious rhymes, punctuated by sharp political stabs mark his signature style throughout the album.

Cloaked Guerilla by Pataphysics

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'Cloaked Guerilla' by Melbourne's hip hop consciousness assassin Pataphysics is a preview track from his upcoming full length album due out later this year.

The track explores the politics of resistance by Aboriginal Australia, delivered with Pataphysics brooding intellect. A call to arms for an indigenous uprising or a warning to mainstream Australia that history needs to be rethought - this track is part of the greater development of consciousness about this bitter history and the ghosts which still haunt our land.