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Somewhere between a drunken jazz bar and an intergalactic spaceship populated by gyrating extra-terrestrials - MANDELBLUES is the kind of music they would have played at Chalmun's Cantina on Tattooine if George Lucas had heard of dubstep in the seventies.

A new tangent for the glitch wookie known as HEYOKA, hailing from California, West Alpha Centauri, from his latest fractal powered bag o' tunes MANDELBASS


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After a period of traversing the galaxy and capturing new tones from outer space SPOONBILL has returned with a new set of aerodynamic tunes entitled ‘AIRBORNE’. Designed to challenge gravity on dance floors across the globe, this 5 track EP kicks straight into warp speed with heavy weighted crunchy grooves that erupt from the speakers. Combining burly bass and beats with growling synths, twisted sound design and spliced samples, this dense sonic spectrum fuses together to form a megacraft to haul you to a new world of sound.


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M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T. MANIFESTO is one of the standout tracks from HUGO's new album 'The Enlightenment Age', a sharp blend of deep consciousness hip hop designed to rock your reality grid. 

For more work by HUGO or to listen to the whole album, check out his space on REVERB NATION


Soloina by Lulacruza

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En las noches de luna llena
Janaina tiene su encanto
y en la orilla se oyen tambores
tejidos de arrollito y flores

princesa divina
princesa divina
princesa divina
princesa divina

Lulacruza lives between Columbia and California, merging the luscious icaro inspired vocals of Alejandra Ortiz with the infectious percussions of Latin American rhythms. Their second album, Soloina is a visionary exploration into untamed landscapes. Hypnotic chants entwine through crackling layers of effervescent textures. Raw incantations, tribal drumming, and rainbow processing shower over electronic tropicalia.

Mystical Mastery by Even Dawn

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Galactic Activation drips from the words of Even Dawn - conscious hip hop priestess from the Hunab Ku collective, nu-media lightworkers who create the online 2C Magazine.

Produced by Lulu Madill in the Astral Ave Studios of Buttons Touching post Rainbow Serpent Festival 2009.

For more information and music by Even Dawn, check out:

Cloaked Guerilla by Pataphysics

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'Cloaked Guerilla' by Melbourne's hip hop consciousness assassin Pataphysics is a preview track from his upcoming full length album due out later this year.

The track explores the politics of resistance by Aboriginal Australia, delivered with Pataphysics brooding intellect. A call to arms for an indigenous uprising or a warning to mainstream Australia that history needs to be rethought - this track is part of the greater development of consciousness about this bitter history and the ghosts which still haunt our land. 

Bunkerfunk by Spoonbill

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Bunkerfunk is our feature track from Artist of the Month Spoonbill. From his newly released third album Zoomorphic, the track is a finely sculpted taste of Spoonbill's airtight production with it's belly of a whale bass line crunching its way through the  stilted soul vocals that speak volumes without uttering a single intelligible word and gentle stab of synth, almost makes you want to wrap yourself up in the folds of it's lyricless glitch aesthetics.

"Dance, Omega!" > by Hugo 1

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Omega is the symbol of resistance in electronics, so it seems a fitting symbol for the electric age we live in. From evolutionary science to rhyming the zeitgeist, Hugo 1  has been spinning freestyles around Melbourne since arriving from the UK in 2007. At any concert you might hear his spitfire philosophies on anything from schrodinger's cat to deconstructions of conspiracy theory or calls to spiritual liberation. 

Dance, Omega! is  title track of his latest EP release now available.

"Ego Eats Your Soul" by Matt Kelly & Buttons Touching

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"Ego Eats Your Soul" is one of a series of pieces created by singer Matt Kelly and producer Lulu Madill of  Button Touching. Matt Kelly has become well known in Melbourne while playing with his band The Keepers, but in this piece he has experimented more with sparse arrangements with  hypnotic repetition of the vocals which move from mantra to chant to dark ballad, creating a somber meditation on the nature of ego lost in the human mind. Buttons Touching's gorgeous arrangements underscore the song creating a haunting and memorable collaboration between the two artists reminiscent of Thom Yorke's best creations.

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Morphogenetic Rap

0:56 minutes (1.08 MB)Sometimes it feels like morphogenesis has already begun, leaving behind the hopeless thrashing of worn idealogies by agents of corrupt humanity. In this dark age of technology, the 21st century still promises a future of changing social priorities, a future where humanity has the time and intent to seek that which powers the inner universe. The very nature of hope rests on our continued search for a network between our inner and outer world. In a future where scientists can record an entire personality, keeping a safe recent backup may assume life-threatening proportions.
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