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Cuba is another old cold war foe that somehow seems to be slipping back into the crosshairs of conflict. All the great progress of the 90’s following the fall of the Soviet Union seems to have been comprehensively undone by the Neo-Cons. I place it here as a possible future flash-point of this world war for a couple of reasons.

Earlier in the year the long ruling dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, became seriously ill and handed over power to his brother Raul. For the first few weeks of Raul’s rule no sign was seen of Fidel. As such, the Americans announced that they were fairly sure he was dead and began broadcasting to the Cuban people that they were ready to begin assisting with a transfer to ‘democracy’ in the country. Many saw this as a veiled attempt at causing the Cuban people to rise up and overthrow the government in the vacuum that Fidel’s passing had created. Of course, no such vacuum actually existed and eventually Fidel reappeared following his operation. In the meantime, the Cuban’s issued a warning to the United States that they must respect Cuban sovereignty and placed their military on high alert against an impending US invasion. It seems unlikely the US were actually intending to invade, however it saw yet another potential theatre of the world war engaging in a military build up.

Why this will be a potential theatre is due largely to the neighbouring nation of Venezuela. Venezuela’s maverick leader Hugo Chavez is a close personal friend of Fidel Castro’s and has been steadily cementing the ties between the two countries to be the strongest ally in a number of years. It seems highly likely that Cuba and Venezuela now have a mutual defence pact with each other. Thus any war that will break out between the US and Venezuela during the world war will inevitably drag Cuba in as it will be required to come to Venezuela’s aid. It seems that they have been readying for this, as their military is on alert -- obviously aware of what the consequences of an Iran attack will be for their region.

Ironically, the US has a military presence in Cuba in a bay that they captured during the Spanish – American war of the 1800’s. This bay is known as Guantanamo Bay and a large US naval base exists there. To date, even during the many past military conflicts and tensions between Cuba and the US, the Cubans have not dared to attack it. However there is now a rather large detention centre at the site that is being used to illegally house many individuals captured in the US’s “War On Terror”. Should a more serious open conflict erupt between these nations it will be interesting to see if the Cubans attempt to liberate the peoples of this camp.

Map of Cuba