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"Unless you quarantine the birds

for their seeds of shit,

or the flowers for consorting with the wind-

you have no right to waste my time,

for time does waste the gypsy."

 -Passport, by Ben J. Wild is proud to present the first anthology of poetics by vagabond wordsmith Benjamin J. Wild, now available online and through bookstores around Melbourne, Australia. 

After seven years of prolifically writing his own understanding of poetry and prose, as well as haiku and the ‘taking of notes on life’, Benjamin Wild has debuted a showcase selection of his findings entitled ; ‘Aluc(i)na. Selected Poetry, Prose, Haiku and Notes On Life’, published through Undergrowth, Melbourne. A substantial debut and linear selection of works, that is set to pave the way for further publications, establishing a credence of memorable and fresh works in the ever changing landscape of Australian writing. The works in ‘Aluc(i)na’ cross many boundaries and themes, from young love, to the struggle with a prescribed self, religion, culture, and world; to nature, to surreal experiments, to travel and back again. Benjamin possesses a knowledge & interpretation in the traditions of mysticism, Zen & dreaming bodies and our modern realities that is startlingly profound.


He has the eyes of a child inside a man grown up & apart from the western world that has become uncomfortable in it's own skin. Touching on the imprint left by the American Beatnik’s whilst still retaining his own unique perspective and awareness of the moment and his origins, there are comparisons to Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Castaneda, Pablo Neruda, Leonard Cohen and even our Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) in his voice, but beyond all these sounds a unique and solitary charm of a wandering poet who has a constant longing, and paradoxically a burning stillness inside of him.

 Born and raised on a property near Warren, in Central New South Wales, the twenty nine year old has remained a virtual unknown and unheard of voice in the Australian poetry scene.A farmers son who has since travelled the world twice over; working numerous and varying jobs, constantly moving around Australia, mentored in ancient healing practices, seeking spiritualism in the esoteric and the everyday, he has seamlessly integrated his philosophies into every breath. He has been included in two Australia Institute of Poetry Anthologies (‘Opal Shores’ {‘From the End of Eternity‘} 2003 and ‘Reflections’ {‘Poem for Ginsberg‘} 2004) as well as contributing to numerous issues of Queensland’s ‘Speedpoets’, and contributing to ‘Nomadology‘ - a travel writers blog under the banner of

The book ‘Aluc(i)na’ charts seven years of a young poet into adulthood, into identity of self & existence. Starting in 2002, the works present a young writer, who after finishing his Industrial Design studies in Sydney, fell in and out of love, and commenced redirecting his artistic talents in the outlet form of poetry, having decided that “the world has enough chairs and cars, but it could always do with more poetry“. Then there are the poets travels through South, Central and North America to literally follow a dream that had invited him to Guatemala; encompassing the compassionate and bewildered ways of a young traveller’s experiences, recorded with a masterful prose and poem form. His final works by the end of ‘Aluc(i)na’ leave us with a better idea of who he has developed into as a person and poet, with a maturity and keen observation that continues to paint images and ideas for the reader to live through vicariously. (compiled by Si & bjm the way butterflies compile cyclones)


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