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111: The Politics of Consciousness

A seminal conversation over the integration, absorption, commodification and correct relationship with entheogens and psychedelics by Western culture between Dimitri Mugianis and Rak Razam. “Psychedelics are regarded by many as a tool for personal and social transformation. And yet, even at this moment of rising racial tension, the psychedelic community mirrors the white privilege common across much of our society. What is the role of psychedelics in the current racial atmosphere? Why are the descendants of the indigenous peoples who are the source of profound plant spirit traditions so disconnected from the medicine lineages of their ancestors? What can be done to defend against the cooptation of sacred indigenous traditions by Westerners in search of novel "experiences," and who exploit these traditions for financial gain? Is there an unexamined bias and racial exclusion that continues to be a part of psychedelic culture?” For more info:,, If you like this podcast support the emergence of new paradigm media by contributing to:

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Indymedia - Sat, 2016/07/30 - 3:31pm
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from Hounslow now through europe postwar to Cornwall then - constructions in history and mythology - gathaka

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
Phones repaired, unlocked and sold here say numerous LED signs Pawn shops with jewellery abound I think of reading Londonstani and the stolen phone industry these shops points to. Everyone has one...

Hate in the Heart of People's Park - Mad America

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
"The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour, and moral courage which it contained" - John Stuart Mill A cultural landmark...

Mad America: The Great Alternatives Conference: Intro - Mad America

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
On October 16th I flew from Oakland, California (thriving hub of cultural production in the modern world), to Omaha, Nebraska (...?), to visit a conference called Alternatives '09. The conference is...

Hitch Hiker's Delight - Ben Jah Man

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
i think my greatest satisfaction of the last four months of South East Asian travel would have to be washing my face, washing my feet, and taking a shit after 1000km's of hitch hiking over 3-4...

The Beat Gen, 90s Hip Hop legends and Oriental Zen Lunacy - Mad America

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
A late Tuesday night. Walking on my own through SF skyscraper chasms. The whiff of weed sinks like mist over the blocks around the club and I round a corner to its hazy epicentre and find a grin of...

Australian Shame - Mad America

NOMADOLOGY BLOGS - Thu, 2016/07/21 - 2:48am
Things that have made me ashamed of the Australian nation: Australian Shame #1. Moving into a large co-op (communal sharehouse) in Berkeley I was happy to find out that one of my housies had a...
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