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Updated: 11 years 26 weeks ago

Solutions & sustainability - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 10:06am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. An immodest proposal about fuel efficiency
Checking out bike-sharing in Paris
Astyk: City, country, suburb? It isn't where you live, but how you live there
UK to give waterless washing machine a spin
Nature gave him a blueprint, but not overnight success

Food & agriculture - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 10:02am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Food supply shortages: 4 scenarios
Loyal to its roots: plant recognizes its kin
Banking on gardening
How do his veggies grow? The no-dig way

Urban design - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:57am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Radiant City - mesmerizing documentary on sprawl
Oklahoma's painful car culture
Watch closely, you can see cities grow
Curb cars and sprawl under next US leader
US cities promote bicycling
Habitat follows behavior

ODAC Newsletter - June 13, 2008

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:50am
Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre. A digest of news and commentary from a UK peak oil perspective.

United States - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:46am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Cheney pushes for more drilling
NYT: Another failure on climate change
Senator: oilsands won't face 'dirty' fuel ban
Kissinger remembers oil crisis of Nixon days
Obama's energy policy
House hearing on the future of oil
House approves Amtrak funding

United Kingdom - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:38am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Tanker driver strike to go ahead
History of the affordability of domestic energy
Severn barrage will be costly ecological disaster, say environment groups
CO2 plan threatens new coal power plant

Energy policies - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:35am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Turn lights off, New Zealanders told, as drought hits power plants
Canada urged to amass oil wealth
Emulate Japan to cope with oil shocks
Quantifying the effects of energy efficiency
Swiss energy supplier demands new nuclear plant

Coal - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:30am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Vietnam digs itself into a hole with coal exports
How coal got a dirty name
King Coal country debates a sacrilege - gas heat

Peak oil - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:25am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Julian Darley: Are we at PO tipping point?
IEA's Fatih Birol offers the world an oil health check - prognosis isn't good
Peak oil and Hubbert on Charlie Rose show
Peak and prices as drivers of change
S. Africa: PO paranoia on path to presidency
Nelder: The impending oil export crisis
Geologist vs investor: Why is oil so high?

Prices & supplies - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:17am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Gazprom's bravado about $250 oil conceals output jitters
BP's review of global reserves tainted by 'political' oil
OPEC wants oil price `solution' from Saudi meeting
Libya says oil supply problem lies ahead
Murti of Goldman: oil prices may dip to $75
Australian natural gas - how much do we have and how long will it last ?

Ripples - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:12am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Factories close, supermarkets empty and jets run out of fuel as truckers' strike bites (Spain, Portugal)
Oil price crisis threatens to reverse globalisation
Today's high oil prices could be here to stay

Speculation - June 13

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 9:10am
Staff, Energy Bulletin. U.S., UK agencies seek oil trading limits
Congress wary of oil-market speculation
Oil executives: "What do they know?"

Saving science

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 6:19am
John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report. As soaring oil prices and economic turmoil seize the headlines and announce the arrival of peak oil as a social fact, it may be worth looking ahead at the implications of the end of the industrial age. Is modern science here to stay, or is it time to start taking steps to ensure its survival through a new Dark Age?

The peak oil crisis: the summer ahead

Fri, 2008/06/13 - 12:32am
Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press. A good place to start looking at the current situation is with the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) and Energy Information Administration (EIA) monthly reports which were released earlier this week.

'A village of solutions' in San Francisco June 21

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 8:33pm
David Huck, Energy Bulletin. On Saturday June 21, The Big One will kick off what may be the first of a new breed of conferences aimed at addressing local responses to climate change, peak oil and the ways in which we respond to the changing world around us. (100% non-commercial)

Peak oil - June 12

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 12:55pm
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Independent: Is this the end of oil?
Hamish McRae: Old King Coal alive and kicking
What they said at Globel Energy Conference
Book Review: Profit from the Peak
New Statesman: After the oil crunch?

Crisis & collapse - June 12

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 12:44pm
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Learning from the collapse of earlier societies
Collapse: funeral process or party time?
Ten unfortunate assumptions of energy addicts
Age of heroic consumption drawing to a close
Porritt: UK should have 'zero net immigration' policy

United States - June 12

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 12:39pm
Staff, Energy Bulletin. House committee hears testimony on oil future
Obama would impose oil windfall profits tax
GOP senators spike windfall profits tax
Blame rising oil prices on Bush

Transport - June 12

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 12:35pm
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Americans rediscover the railroad
Trains gaining as sensible alternative to cars
Transit use soars - Calif. budget heads the other way
Bus trip planning can take you far
A white elephant with wings
New airships are more than just hot air
Transportation and the future: 2 scenarios

Environment - June 12

Thu, 2008/06/12 - 12:31pm
Staff, Energy Bulletin. Empty oceans: Endless no more
Nature laid waste: The destruction of Africa
Drilling, not earthquake, caused Java mud volcano
Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow