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Updated: 10 years 8 weeks ago

Telecom line engineers - National Day of Action on Monday, 24th August

Fri, 2009/08/21 - 9:48am
EPMU members involved in the ongoing Telecom/Visionstream dispute unanimously endorsed a National Day of Action this MONDAY, 24 AUGUST. The EPMU will send out more information shortly about events throughout the country.

Fire in Kanaky - USTKE & French State Clash over Airline dispute

Thu, 2009/08/20 - 9:48pm
One of the Pacific rim's most militant unions the Union of Kanaky and Exploited Workers (USTKE) will hold a demonstration this Saturday (22/08) in Noumea, New Caledonia calling for the release of its President and leaders who have been imprisoned as a result of a crackdown on the union for its militant defence of worker's rights. This demonstration comes after months of clashes between the union and riot police on the streets of Kanaky.

Dave drives to work

Wed, 2009/08/19 - 3:48pm
Dave Theobald has worked at Inland Revenue's Christchurch office for the last 20 years. His work is valued, he is a highly intelligent literate man. And he has problems with mental illness, something the TV ads tell us happens to 10% of the population.

He was diagnosed paranoid after self referring himself to a doctor. Because of the medication his work output became low. Dave was assigned a colleague within the department and this is where the real problems began.

Self-governance for Ngāi Tūhoe “on the table”

Wed, 2009/08/12 - 12:48pm
Activist Tame Iti says that not very long ago, the Crown thought Tūhoe was absurd to think of sovereignty and self-governance, but the matter is now on the table alongside financial compensation. A meeting was held in Wellington yesterday (11 August) between 40 iwi members and the Crown to hear its first offer of settlement. It is still unknown what the offer is. Te Kotahi ā Tūhoe chairman Tamati Kruger said the offer will be taken back to the people at a series of hui on Tuesday night and on Wednesday.

BBQ Factory ends Kwila sales as Papuan activist tours

Tue, 2009/08/11 - 7:48pm
Major outdoor furniture retailer the BBQ Factory has commited to ending sales of illegally and unsustainably imported Kwila just days before a national speaking tour by West Papuan activist Paula Makabory highlighting human rights violations. Momentum against imports and sales of Kwila is building with the drawing of Green MP Catherine Delahunty's sustainable timber bill in Parliament.


Tue, 2009/08/11 - 6:28pm
August 11, 2009: The Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group (FANG) and Footprints for Peace remembered the atomic devastation of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by participating in a commemorative Peace Walk from City Farm, Perth to the Fremantle Arts Centre this past weekend. Each year communities throughout the globe commemorate the period August 6th to August 9th as the "Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days". These days should not be forgotten. By looking back we can also look forward and remain cognizant of the risks that are before us. The group held a photo exhibition at the Fremantle Arts

SAS heading for Afghanistan - organise resistance now!

Mon, 2009/08/10 - 7:48pm
Prime Minister John Key today announced that the Government will deploy "[a]round 70 SAS personnel will in Afghanistan for up to 18 months, in three rotations" and the "Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Bamyan province will be gradually drawn down over the medium term." Key said “In keeping with long-standing practice, I will be making no comment on the operational aspects of the SAS deployment. This deployment follows the decisions by the previous Labour government to deploy the SAS to Afghanistan on three separate occasions." At this stage it is unknown when the troops will be leaving.

Brimob Tembaki Warga, 2 Orang Kritis

Mon, 2009/08/10 - 6:30pm
Up Date Kasus Takalar

(Takalar, Sulsel 10/8), Sedikitnya 7 orang warga tertembak aparat Brimob dalam kejadian di hari Minggu (9/8). Sebelumnya terjadi ketegangan antara warga Polongbangkeng Utara, Takalar dengan pihak PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN XIV) yang sedang berupaya untuk mengolah lahan warga yang masa HGU-nya berakhir 3 tahun lalu.

Ketegangan memuncak dengan aksi provokasi berupa lemparan batu dari arah PTPN XIV, yang disertai dengan deru mesin traktor yang bising. Hal ini memancing perhatian warga yang sejak pagi berjaga-jaga untuk menghalau proses pengolahan lahan tersebut.



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Wed, 2009/08/05 - 10:07am
From the newswire: PEACE CONVERGENCE 2009 - Between July 3 - 26 people from around Australia took action to say no to US war games taking place in Queensland. Operation Talisman Sabre 09 saw up to 30,000 US and Australian troops engaging in live rehearsals for war. Digital pix of the recent 2009 Peace Convergence events in Queensland have been collated as a slide show with John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance as a sound track and posted it to Youtube: View... || Write up of the arrests during TS09. See: Nuclear Reister (PDF) A key location for these activities was Shoalwater Bay, just north of