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WA University staff strike for quality education

Wed, 2009/09/16 - 10:20am
From the newswire: National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) members at Curtin and Murdoch University will take industrial action this Wednesday 16 September 2009. The members will take a 24 hour work stoppage to help win new collective agreements that deliver manageable workloads, increased job security, a fair wages outcome and other improvements to conditions that will ensure staff can continue to deliver quality educational outcomes for their students. The work stoppage will involve both academic and general staff. NTEU say failure of managements to offer a fair deal, and their attempts to

No tax cuts, no pay rise! Working people pay the price

Wed, 2009/09/16 - 12:48am
With the Government forcing a pay freeze on the public sector, minimum wage workers will likely be offered nothing when the Government reviews their pay at the end of the year. The National Party promised tax cuts and rising wages but so far has delivered less than nothing for low wage workers. Each week hundreds of workers are heading out into the street calling for wage increases that meet the rising cost of living, job security and protection from redundancy. They are being met by the neo-liberal corporate class and their lackeys in the state services that wants nothing more than to crush

Hazelwood Action - Update

Mon, 2009/09/14 - 9:01pm
From the newswire: Approximately five hundred people took part in the historic action at Hazelwood coal power station. 22 people managed to get themselves arrested while attempting to slap a 'Community Decommission Order' on Hazelwood. Perth Indy Feature || IMC Australia Activists say the feeling throughout "the day was fantastic and upbeat, despite a complete over reaction by the Brumby government in its deployment of police force. Over the weekend we had the police helicopter throughout Saturday night and Sunday, mounted police, police in speed boads and jetskis, police on dirt bikes as well

Open Country Cheese locks out workers seeking a union agreement

Mon, 2009/09/14 - 5:48am
In the following article Joe Hendren describes the uphill battle that Dairy workers are facing as their company prepares to bring in scabbing farmers to destroy their attempt to gain job security through collective agreement negotiations.

Switch off Hazelwood - Politics has failed - Time for Direct Action

Sat, 2009/09/12 - 10:27pm
From the newswire: September 12, 2009 - Hundreds of protesters are converging on the Hazelwood coal power station in Latrobe Valley, Victoria this weekend for the Switch off Hazelwood protest. Community members involved in the peaceful protest are concerned they may be used as a vehicle for politicians to push laws to limit public right to protest. "It is alarming that ordinary Australians organising for a peaceful protest in such an open, honest and transparent manner could be used, and misrepresented, by those in politics. We are committed to peaceful and direct action to show that we are

Perth to Gaza

Sat, 2009/09/12 - 3:23am
While our government supports state terrorism at home and abroad, political activists from Perth Western Australia reflect on political activism and the struggle for justice in the most isolated city in the world.

Uluru: sacred rock used as a toilet

Fri, 2009/09/11 - 11:20am
From the newswire:Sep 11, 2009 - Some people who climb Uluru are using it as a toilet, a tour operator in Alice Springs says. A 10-year draft plan for the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park recommended banning climbers for environmental and cultural reasons. The traditional landowners have long been opposed to people climbing the 346 metre high rock, which is considered sacred.Andrew Simpson, the general manager of a tour company run by Indigenous people in Alice Springs, says climbing should be outlawed because it is dangerous and people have been killed attempting it. "And then there are the

Surveillance of Activists – Amateur and Dangerous

Fri, 2009/09/11 - 9:48am
Today Auckland animal rights activists held a protest against the fur trade. The protest outside the Norwegian consulate was in response to a recent expose of Norwegian fur farms. The protest had been widely advertised and was completely public. Around ten of us were holding placards and leafleting passers by. During the protest a photographer for the listener approached us and told us that a photographer was in a car across the road with a long lens taking photos of the demo.

Strike Benefit for Telecom Workers

Thu, 2009/09/10 - 6:48pm
Support 800 Telecom workers made redundant while their boss pays himself $5 million. Music, drinks, rally for strikers. Bring $10 koha for the workers strike fund. Organised by Socialist Aotearoa.

WA Police Taser Overuse

Tue, 2009/09/08 - 11:12pm
From the newswire: September 9, 2009 - The WA Police Commissioner says he has no intention of banning stun guns, despite a report criticising their use in Queensland - and a growing list of damning incidents in this state. Another violent incident was reported this week - a man at Whifords Shopping centre was tasered despite being already subdued by police - reigniting the debate on whether officers use the weapons too liberally - See Story/Video here The "non-lethal" Tasers are designed to cause severe pain and immobilise muscle contractions by shooting two darts - delivering violent and

Anti-Caterpiller Action at WestTrac WA

Mon, 2009/09/07 - 9:48pm
From the newswire: ACTION: Stop Caterpillar's Destruction Of Palestinian Lives! Since the beginning of the present Palestinian uprising in September 2000, the Israeli military has destroyed more than 2650 Palestinian homes, offices, buildings and other civilian structures including hundreds of thousands of fruit and olive trees, the main livelihood for many Palestinians. Caterpillar bulldozers are used for more than house demolitions. Since the Intifada began, Israeli troops and settlers using Caterpillar equipment have uprooted an estimated 385,000 olive trees plus orchards of dates, prunes,

Sowing the Seeds of Resistance

Mon, 2009/09/07 - 10:48am
Local community gardeners fed up with our unsustainable city took part in a 'Permablitz' in central Auckland yesterday. About 20 gardeners appropriated neglected public land for community benefit; digging up grass, planting vegetables and various fruit trees.

Gorgon project environmental vandalsim

Tue, 2009/09/01 - 10:01am
From the newswire: August 31, 2009 - Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has given the go-ahead to the controversial Gorgon LNG project on Barrow Island, off the north-west coast of Australia - despite claims the Australian government is putting "development ahead of environmental protection." Barrow Island, an A-class nature reserve, has been dubbed Australia's Ark with 24 species and sub-species preserved on the island - many of which are extinct or endangered on mainland Australia. The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) emphatically opposed the project in 2003 - but the

Summertime is Climate Camp time

Mon, 2009/08/31 - 10:48pm
It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere - and everybody is at the various Climate Camps (CC) across Europe (for example CC Scotland | CC Cymru/Wales | CC Ireland | CC London | CC Antwerpen | CC Nantes). The camp in London is still going and the Indymedia Centre is reporting non-stop. The recent camps in Ireland, Scotland and Wales were very succesful.

Report of Hell Pizza Protest - Apologies, promises and free pizza

Sat, 2009/08/29 - 10:48am
Friday evening saw a Socialist Aotearoa organised picket of a Hells Pizza outlet in downtown Auckland. The protest was in response to recent racist advertising by Hells Pizza. The picket had a good turn out for a Friday evening with around 20 people chanting and holding placards saying “Racists go to Hell”. Things started to go a bit odd when the Hell’s pizza employee that had designed the recent campaign got on the megaphone.

Organise! Join Climate Camp WA

Tue, 2009/08/25 - 9:47pm
WA Climate Camp 2009 to be held in Collie - 17-20 December Direct Action, Solidarity and Mutual Aid to end Coal mining, burning and exports in WA... Join empowered communities taking direct action against coal and for a safe climate future! We warmly invite you and/or your organisation to help organise the Camp for Climate Action WA. This Camp for Climate Action will be an inspiring few days of workshops and grassroots direct action designed to stop coal mining and it's use for energy production in the coal capital of WA, Collie - in December 2009. Get involved! Our collective consists of

SAS in Afghanistan opposed

Sun, 2009/08/23 - 7:48pm
Global Peace and Justice Auckland held a peaceful demonstration outside the Papakura army barracks of the NZ SAS between 12:00 and 2:00pm today. Chanting protesters called for the National-Act government to pull the SAS and all NZ military personel out of Afghanistan, and devote the army deployment funding to civilian rebuilding programmes.

Stop Night Class Cuts! National Day of Action Proposed September 12th

Fri, 2009/08/21 - 7:48pm
Last night over 200 people gathered in Western Springs, Auckland to discuss the impending National government cuts in community adult education. In 2010 National has proposed to cut funding from 16 million to 3 million dollars, affecting some 220 000 adult learners nation wide.

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Fri, 2009/08/21 - 10:18am
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