Cicak vs Buaya : Kanker Otak Kok di Tangani dengan P3K (Bodrex?)

Oceania Indymedia - Thu, 2009/11/05 - 7:43am
Bencana Tsunami Keadilan di Balik Kriminalisasi Bibit dan Chandra

"Bila penegak hukum bisa diatur-atur oleh cukong dan jika polisi serta jaksa bisa dikendalikan oleh koruptor, maka tidak ada keadilan untuk rakyat. Keadilan tidak akan terealisasi bila korupsi, terutama mafia peradilan, tidak diberantas tuntas".

"Betapa dasyatnya korupsi di tubuh pnegak hukum membuat kami yakin bahwa merupakan penyebab mengapa dalam banyak kasus penyelewengan, korupsi, pelanggaran HAM, perusakan lingkungan dan berbagai kasus lainnya, hukum tidak berjalan"

Dipetik dari Pernyataan Pers


Oceania Indymedia - Mon, 2009/10/26 - 9:37am
From the Newswire: RECLAIM THE NIGHT MARCH, RALLY AND ENTERTAINMENT - Friday 30 October 2009 This Friday night, Perth women and children will reclaim the city streets at the annual Reclaim the Night event where women will protest for their right to walk at night, free from the threat of rape and sexual violence. ROAR feminist collective are encouraging women to come out onto the streets to demand their right to safety at night and in public spaces. "We demand that men within our community start taking responsibility for ending this violent culture which sees women regularly sexually harassed,

Anti-fascist demonstration, Chippendale

Oceania Indymedia - Mon, 2009/10/26 - 1:48am
Last Friday (October 1) a crowd of over 70 people made it clear to a far-right gathering in Sydney that fascists are not welcome and that they will not be able to meet undisturbed.

Spokesperson for the Tamils stranded in West Java reveals a potential bombshell

Oceania Indymedia - Wed, 2009/10/21 - 12:39am
From the newswire: On last night's Indymedia Radical Radio Show, Alex, spokesperson for the 260 Tamil asylum seekers on board the ship moored at Merak port in West Java, revealed that a woman falsely claiming to be a representative of the Australian government had gained access to the boat. Alex told Indymedia, "There was an Australian woman who falsely claimed herself to be a representative of the Australian Embassy and she was the first [person] the Indonesian police brought on board the vessel...however, she was unable to provide us with any ID and the lady did confirm later on that she was

National Day of Action Against ACC funding cuts

Oceania Indymedia - Tue, 2009/10/20 - 1:48pm
Monday October 19 was a national day of action against ACC's proposed changes to funding for sexual abuse counseling. Under the new criteria, survivors will only be eligible for ACC covered counseling if they have been diagnosed as having a mental injury, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV.

In Auckland, over 200 people gathered in Albert Park to show their support for survivors and protest the ACC cuts to counseling. Speakers from Rape Prevention Education, Courageous Women, Labour Party, the Greens and End Rape Culture Now! (the organisers of the march)

Climate Camp WA 2009 - Organise!

Oceania Indymedia - Mon, 2009/10/19 - 10:45am
From the newswire: October 18, 2009 - WA Climate Camp organisers are calling for Direct Action, Solidarity and Mutual Aid to transition away from Coal mining, burning and exports in WA. Renewable energy campaigners from Camp for Climate Action WA will converge near Collie on 17-20th December for peaceful action. "The WA community is calling for a switch from fossil fuels to renewables. Tired of our politicians and business leaders gambling away our future, we invite the community to join us for three days of peaceful protest, including workshops, forums and a day of fun, creative, and

Bring asylum seekers to Australia!

Oceania Indymedia - Fri, 2009/10/16 - 10:46pm
From the newswire: October 16, 2009 - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will not be moved by a group of over 250 Sri Lankan asylum seekers moored in West Java, Indonesia. The group were intercepted last weekend by the Indonesian navy, following a personal plea from Mr Rudd to Indonesia's president. The group of ethnic Tamils are staging a hunger strike to highlight their plight - refusing to leave their wooden boat in Merak Harbour. WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom says Mr Rudd "should show some real guts and arrange a rescue flight to Indonesia to pick up the 260 Sri Lankans whose

Climate Camp shuts down Dendrobium coal mine - Sunday AM

Oceania Indymedia - Thu, 2009/10/15 - 11:48pm
7.05am. Currently,  four people from Climate Camp 2009 have scaled
and locked themselves onto the coal conveyor belt at the Dendrobium
coal mine near Helensburgh, NSW.

WA to introduce unprecedented powers to stop and search

Oceania Indymedia - Tue, 2009/10/13 - 10:13pm
From the newswire: OCTOBER 13, 2009 - WA Police will be given unprecedented powers to stop and search people under a new plan unveiled by Premier Colin Barnett. The new legislation, set to be introduced into parliament in coming weeks, means police can now stop and search people and vehicles in designated areas without having to prove reasonable suspicion that a crime has taken place. Barnett will also move to scrap Labor's cannabis laws and introduce tougher legislation within a fortnight, along with tough new 'anti-graffiti' laws. See Perth Indy stories: Tough Cannabis Laws || Tough Graffiti

Peace Activist appears in Court.

Oceania Indymedia - Tue, 2009/10/13 - 11:48am
Christian peace activist Tyler Culpepper appeared in the Manukau District court yesterday charged with wilful damage and being unlawfully on a building. These charges were a result of a protest action in January this in which Tyler altered the front of an arms component factory so it said “Rakon Kills”. Tyler had taken this action to express his deeply held opposition against Israel’s invasion of GAZA. The January invasion resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, the targeting of civilian infrastructure and the widespread bombing of heavily populated areas.

Barnett to introduce tougher anti-marijuana laws for WA

Oceania Indymedia - Tue, 2009/10/13 - 11:34am
From the newswire: October 13, 2009 - WA's current marijuana laws are about to change. Premier Colin Barnett says the cannabis-related legislation was the first in a series of steps the Government would take to send a clear anti-drugs message to the community and toughen penalties for people who broke the law through drug-related offences. See govt media release The new cannabis-related laws will: - Prosecute those in possession of more than 10g of cannabis - See subsequent offences for possession being prosecuted as criminal offences. - Prosecute people for cultivating cannabis plants. Under

Australian government accused of disempowering Aboriginal peoples

Oceania Indymedia - Fri, 2009/10/09 - 8:23pm
October 9, 2009 - From the newswire: Aboriginal elder Richard Downs accuses the Australian government of racisim: "The NT Emergency Response (NTER) measures have disempowered Aboriginal people. The suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act has taken away our rights. It has taken away our land rights, our ownership and control. We have no say in the running of our communities or lands. There is no self-determination..." Ampilatwatja walk-off against NT Intervention - Youtube video Leading human rights lawyer Julian Burnside, QC, says the federal government must rework or scrap racist elements

ACC cuts funding for sexual abuse counseling

Oceania Indymedia - Wed, 2009/10/07 - 9:48am
From October 27 ACC is changing its criteria for covering the cost of counseling for survivors of sexual abuse. Under the new criteria, survivors will only be eligible for ACC covered counseling if they have been diagnosed as having a mental injury, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV.

Climate emergency: sitdown protest outside Prime Minister's Sydney office

Oceania Indymedia - Mon, 2009/10/05 - 1:48pm
A Climate Emergency rally in Sydney on Saturday June 13 drew more than 2000 people to hear speakers at Millers Point then a march to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's city office for a symbolic sitdown protest.

Daring climate change protest at aluminium smelter

Oceania Indymedia - Mon, 2009/10/05 - 1:48pm
Climate change protestors have halted production in Australia’s largest aluminium smelter by attaching themselves to a weigh bridge that is a pinch-point of the operation.

Deaths in custody: Gov to keep prisoner transport contract

Oceania Indymedia - Wed, 2009/09/30 - 10:13pm
30 September 2009 - From the newswire: The WA Government has officially responded to the coroner's findings in the case of Mr Ward, who died of heatstroke in a prisoner transport vehicle. The WA coroner said the Aboriginal elder's death in searing desert heat was a disgrace, as the van was "not fit for humans". But the Government has decided not terminate the contract of the private company which transported Mr Ward. The Deaths In Custody Watch Committee WA says Group 4 and GSL staff have contributed to the deaths of six people in Australia. The committee's Marc Newhouse says the contract
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