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The Undergrowth collective is an evolving organism of writers, artists, media makers and cutting edge ontological guerillas. Undergrowth publishes an online and print magazine containing the best short fiction, journalism, poetry, visual art, photography, comics and esoterica from Australia's counter-cultural underground.

 Undergrowth also hosts an e-book library of emerging and established authors in downloadable PDF form, on-line art galleries of contributing artists, music videos, spoken word and audio interviews available as podcasts, video documentary clips, 'nu media' and animations, community forums and Nomadology, featuring traveller's blogs examining the world around us.

We are all change agents. Engage the flow and swim with it. In it. Become it...

{we live not Underground, but in the Undergrowth}


Undergrowth is experimenting with an open-source, distributed model of publishing. Multiple projects are always in process and artists are encouraged to get involved and collaborate as they develop, as are other editors, art directors and media makers.

To contribute to Undergrowth as a creative artist via contribute@undergrowth.org or to become involved in hands on editorial, art direction and production via editorial@undergrowth.org for writing/ editing or art@undergrowth.org for art and multi-media.

Who are we?

The full list of our creative community can be viewed here.

Some of our current production team includes:

Co-Editor/ Art Director: Tim Parish

Co-Editor: Rak Razam

Website Consultant : Dan McKinley

eBooks Editor Zoe Naughten

Fiction Editor John Kelly

Music Editor Sarah MacDonald

Zines Editor Scott Foyster