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This e-book is an edited transcript of the virtual think tank held in conjunction with the Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival Ideas Program in November, 2004. Bringing together media activists, artists and academics, the think tank explored three themes: You Can't Govern a nation by Google: The Future of Ideas Online; Copyright - Copywrong; What's On the Cards: Long Term agendas for Change.
The Future of Ideas Online Can we open source democracy?
Can I have Source with that please?
Copyright Copywrong Creative Commons & Intellectual Property
I Feel Violated - copyright infringement art
Steal My Ideas
Not Just For Artists - copyright and science
What is On the Cards - Future Agendas For Change
A 20 year plan
Spirit, Power and Politics
Democracy in Brisbane
Virtual think tank conquers Galaxy

:::Compiled by :::
Dan(iel) MacKinlay, Saskia Anderson and Tim Parish


:::Contributors :::
Alex Burns, Tim Parish, Damian Lewis, Graham Young, Mark Davis, Hamish Alcorn, Sarah-Jane Woulahan, Elliott Bledsoe, Mark Fallu, Dan MacKinlay, Saskia Anderson, Miriam Lyons, Sam da Silva, John Sutton, James Arvanitakis.


:::Layout and Design :::
Tim Parish


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