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After a period of traversing the galaxy and capturing new tones from outer space SPOONBILL has returned with a new set of aerodynamic tunes entitled ‘AIRBORNE’. Designed to challenge gravity on dance floors across the globe, this 5 track EP kicks straight into warp speed with heavy weighted crunchy grooves that erupt from the speakers. Combining burly bass and beats with growling synths, twisted sound design and spliced samples, this dense sonic spectrum fuses together to form a megacraft to haul you to a new world of sound.

RADIO UNDERGROWTH is proud to feature a sneak preview from the AIRBORNE EP, ne of the standout tracks CATFISH which blends the slender vintage of jazz clarinet with a contemporary aesthetic for sub-bass into an instant classic. Like a tornado funneled through a sampler and reconstructed into a chunky swinging groove, the tune still manages to gracefully pirouette through the snarling vortex. Listen to the track, exclusively on

The AIRBORNE EP will be officially launched at the MAMMOTH event on the 31st of July at the HI FI Bar in Melbourn. 

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