2CE and me part 2

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that night was nothing like i was expecting at all.

it started out pretty disheveled.
5 powerfull, stubborn minds trying to get into the same frequency to get everything together.
i took my dose around 6pm
with everyone else.
i left all technology behind before we left my house to adventure my backyard.
i live in the middle of nowhere.
my backyard is about 10 acres+a mountain.
the appalation trail runs through this mountain.
we were planning on climbing the mountain all week.

however, i did not know that climbing was going to be SO literal.
when i stepped outside THE SKY was soooo amazing.
the best way to explain it is a sea in the sky.
it was perfectly cloudy outside and the clouds had dementions and density of all their own.
there was some kind of pattern in the sky.
the mountain was coming together in all these perfect shapes.
as i scanned down the mountain, for miles, it all looked uniquely generic.
(throughout the night we found ourselves understanding the world in contridictions)
once we walked up into the feild the world, it seemed, was in out hands.

i was detached from my human life.
i saw all connection, and peace in the world.
in my body.
i felt the difference between society and me.
i felt the big ditch you must walk down into in order to get there.

since i do not know my readers, i do not know how to express and explain that night in your terms.
it was a spiritual adventure.

one thing i still dont get.

it why we chose to climb DIRECTLY up the moutain.
there was a perfectly, safe chosen way up to the top.
right to where we wanted to be.
but something inside us led us on this path.
and everything that happened from the moment we entered the woods, to when we exited at 1am was so disgustingly symbolic.

at this point.

2ce is something other than a hallucinigen.
it is for those who have the spark in them.....and it pours on gasoline.
i reccomed it for all those with a great understanding for the world.
who are metaphysic.
and who can transcend ego and skin easily.

it is a great experience when taken at a decent dose.
and not fucked around with.
so dont take advantage of it.

if you want to know more email me.