2012: TIME FOR CHANGE screening PANEL DISCUSSION - March 2011, Melbourne


2012: Time For Change screening PANEL DISCUSSION - Melbourne, March 2011 from Rak Razam on Vimeo.


 Undergrowth presents a fascinating discussion of new paradigms in environmental consciousness held after the Melbourne premiere screening of 2012:Time For Change in March 2011. Camera by Sam Hoffmann

Featuring guest speakers:

Neil Faragher – Green Technology Engineer at Centre of Education and Research into Environmental Strategies (CERES).

Matthew Wright, Director, Beyond Zero Emissions.
  Matthew Wright is the lead author of the award-winning Zero Carbon Australia Plan, and 2010's Young Environmentalist of the Year. As Founder and Executive Director of not-for-profit organisation Beyond Zero Emissions, Matthew heads the fastest growing climate change research and development group in Australia. While previous environmental advocates have encouraged Australians to take action by changing their light globes, Matthew represents the next wave of leaders who show how we can change from the 19th century technology that runs our economy to 21st century solutions.   beyondzeroemissions.org/​

Nicholas Jouin – In 2009 Jouin went to California for a year and half to complete a long-term apprenticeship at Californian Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, learning new sustainable earth building techniques. He has since started a new project called Earth Kulture focusing on teaching and consulting in alternative practices for sustainable living. calearth.org/​

Doron Francis   is the Enterprise Manager  and co-creator of Fair Food, part of CERES, the thriving not-for-profit environmental education centre in the heart of Melbourne. Fair Food is an organic box  scheme that is leading the way as an alternative to the 'Supermarket way of doing business'  - Fair Food actively supports local farmers, encourages the use of regenerative farming and pays farmers a fair price for their efforts. Their distribution system seriously reduces food miles and being a non profit they are able to supply safe, spray free food for our community at reasonable prices.  From Seed to Plate, Fair Food is creating a ethical and resilient supply chain in these times of Food (in) Security.   ceresfairfood.org.au

Even Dawn is an accomplished singer, visual designer and artist, who's work is featured throughout the range of Mind-Heart Media products and Second Creation magazines promoting consciousness raising, new-paradigm media. She works with the Mayan-inspired "dreamspell" calendar and has produced a 'natural time navigator' almanac of mayan calendrics.

Rak Razam is the cofounder of Undergrowth.org, and author of AYA: A Shamanic Odyssey, exploring the global culture of Ayahuasca shamanism.


MC –  Hugo  (Rap NEWS)   Hailing from Branksome in the UK, Hugo is a prolific rhymer and orator, MC and spoken-word poet who regularly graces the stages and festivals of Melbourne. Having spent six years rhyming and rapping, he now co-writes ~TheJuiceMedia: Rap News.   thejuicemedia.com/​